Oachira Parabrahma Temple

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Yedu Vkv

Visited on Aug 2020

Oachira Parabrahma temple is situated on the high way side of NH 66 at Oachira which is equidistant from Kayamkulam and Karunagapally.Easily accessible by any mode of transport ,nearest railway station being Oachira /Kayamkulam.Nearest airport is Trivandrum .Ancient temple located in a vast area of land and main diety being Parabrahmam or Omkaram( Universal consciousness).Main festival is during November December months and lot of devotees from all over Kerala come to see the god for his blessings.During the festival devotees stay at the temple itself for 12 days in special shelters made by temple authorities ,which are to be booked upfront Other festivals include 28 th Onam wherein bull effigies are made by different kara and prizes are given for the biggest one .Lot of disabled people who are disowned by family stay here in the temple in designated places offered by the temple free of cost. Annadhanam or free food for all is one of the main thing and it's offered as donation for blessings by devotees .Bulls are also special here and can see them decorated beautifully .Two ponds are there with lotus flowers .Lot of old trees make the temple calm and cool place with full of positive energy. Ambience is so nice that we don't feel like going .Altogether a nice experience

Location of Oachira Parabrahma Temple