2 Dams in Hong Kong that you should visit - With photos & details

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2 Dams to explore in Hong Kong

One of the most densely populated places in the world, and one of the world's most significant financial centers.

High Island ReservoirHigh Island Reservoir, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

The High Island Reservoir located in the far south eastern part of the Sai Kung Peninsula, was opened in 1978 helping to alleviate water shortage problems in Hong Kong. Its history starts as a result of the water shutdown by mainland China during the Hong Kong 1967 riots, the government responded with the High Island Reservoir.

Upper Shing Mun ReservoirUpper Shing Mun Reservoir, Lo Wai, Hong Kong

The Shing Mun Reservoir in the Shing Mun Country Park is one of the reservoirs in the New Territories of Hong Kong. Shing Mun Reservoir is a great source of freshwater and home to many species of butterflies and migratory birds. Other than serving its primary function as a reservoir, the area offers visitors a scenic walk/hike