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The present Kaushambi district was carved out of Allahabad district on 4th April 1997. The District Headquarter, Manjhanpur is situated in the south-west of the Allahabad on the north bank of the Yamuna river,about 55 km away from Allahabad. It is surrounded by the districts Chitrakoot in the south, Pratapgarh in the north, Allahabad in the east & Fatehpur in the west.

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Kausambi Ashoka Pillar

Kausambi Ashoka Pillar


Notable Architectures

Old Ruins

This pillar is located in Kaushambi where it was erected by the great emperor of the Mauryan kingdom, Ashoka. It is in ruins but still holds much importance as it an artefact of the golden period of the Mauryan Empire and the great beliefs of peace harbored by Ashoka.

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For more information about Kaushambi, visit: https://kaushambi.nic.in/about-district/