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Etawah district is one of the districts in the western portion of Uttar Pradesh state

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Etawah Safari Park

Etawah Safari Park

Wildlife Safari Spots

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Etawah safari park is a proposed drive-through safari park in Etawah and one of the biggest in Asia with a perimeter of 8km. It is situated at 2-hour driving distances from the city of the Taj Mahal, Agra and about 3-hour driving distances from state capital Lucknow.

Raja Sumer Singh's Fort

Raja Sumer Singh's Fort


Notable Architectures

Old Ruins

It is an ancient fort built on mond near the bank of river Yamuna. The fort of Sumer Singh has been the pride of Etawah. Raja Sumer Singh was a famous king known for his bravery. . On this fort there was a Baradai, which had twelve doors, whose architecture was in such way that people get confused when they used to count because they get eleven or thirteen. This is an ancient architectural wonder in this district.

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