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Bagpat district is one of the 75 districts of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh

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List of Attractions in Bagpat

Pura Mahadev Mandir

Pura Mahadev Mandir

Hindu Temples

This is a very ancient temple dedicated to the Lord Shiva, where, twice a year, Shiva devotees carry water from the holy River Ganges, at Haridwar, walking all the way, as an offering to Lord Shiva. Fairs are held here on the fourteenth day of Shraavana (sometime in August–September) and Phalguna (February) in the foothills of the Lord Shiva temple in this village.

Trilok Teerth Dham

Trilok Teerth Dham

Jain Temples

Notable Architectures

Trilok Teerth Dham is a Jain temple in Bada Gaon, Baghpat, which was built in the shape of the Jain emblem. On top of the temple there is a 31 feet tall statue of Rishabhdev made up of Ashtadhatu (8 metals)

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