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2 Outdoors- Other to explore in Panchmahal


The district is located on the eastern end of the state. It is bordered by Dahod District to the north-east & east, Vadodara District to the southwest and Chhota Udaipur District to the southeast, Kheda District to the west and Mahi Sagar District to the north.

Helical Stepwell
Helical StepwellChampaner, Gujarat 389360, India

This 16th century well has a 1.2m-wide staircase that spirals down along the wall of the well shaft, making it quite unusual in design among stepwells of the region.

Saat Kaman
Saat KamanPavagadh Hill Rd, Pavagadh, Gujarat 389360, India

This is an archaeologically important place located in the Panchmahal district. Saat Kaman is a prominent structure situated on the verge of a hill on the southern tip of Champaner (Pavagadh). Saat Kaman means seven arches. However, there are only 6 arches that are currently in existence with the other one having demolished.

Map of Outdoors- Other to explore in Panchmahal