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Bharuch in India is a district in the southern part of the Gujarat peninsula on the west coast of Gujarat.

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Golden Bridge, Bharuch

The Golden ridge connects Ankaleswat to Bharuch in the Gujarrat state of Western India. It was built in 1881 by the British. who needed a bridge across the Narmada River to create better access to trade and administration officials in Bombay

Kadia Dungar Buddhist Cave

Kadia Dungar Buddhist Cave

Buddhist Temples


Notable Architectures

Seven rock-cut caves and monolithic lion pillars are present at Kadia Dungar, near Bharuch. The caves suggest that they were viharas. A Brick stupa was also found in the foothills. These caves were in use during 1st and 2nd century AD.

Sardar Bridge

It is a 1.4-kilometer-long (0.87 mi) bridge, built over river Narmada. The four-lane bridge is a part of a larger project involving six laning of a section of NH 8. t is the longest extradosed bridge in India,

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