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2 1 Day Treks to explore in Lahaul And Spiti

Lahaul And Spiti

The natural scenery and Buddhist monasteries are the main tourist attractions of the region. Skiing is the popular adventure sports in Spiti. For trekkers, the Spiti Valley is a paradise, offering challenging treks to explore the new heights of the Himalayas

Dhankar Lake
Dhankar LakeDhankar Lake, Dhar Nipti, Himachal Pradesh 172113

Dhankar Lake lies after a steep trek of 45 minutes. Though the trek seems an easy hike, it is quite difficult. The loose pebbles and the crisp mountain air make you breathless within a few seconds. Dhankar Lake can be reached after a quite strenuous trek. You would want to quit and not continue with your climb but the surprise you get once you reach the lake is beyond words. The breathtaking expanse of cerulean waters is set against the backdrop of snow covered peaks.

PapsuraPapsura, Himachal Pradesh 175134

This is a mountain that is fully covered with snow in the Lahaul and Spiti district. There is so much variety of Flora and Fauna. Trekkers paradise, mountaineering, rock climbing, etc.

Map of 1 Day Treks to explore in Lahaul And Spiti