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2 Hindu Temples to explore in Subarnapur


Subarnapur district has a significance in its prehistoric period. The discovery of a large number of stone tools and weapons from different places and the Rock Art of Puja Dunguri support this presumption. It is believed that a human settlement in this region, dating from 3rd century B.C. to 1st century AD.

Patali Shri Khetra
Patali Shri KhetraSubarnapur, Odisha 767062, India

Patali Srikhetra is a famous place with significant historical importance for Subarnapur district and Odisha. This religious place is associated with Shaktism, Buddhism and Vaishnavism. It is located in the foot of Trikut Hill at Kotsamalai of the Birmaharajpur subdivision of Subarnapur district, Odisha, India.

Subarnameru Temple
Subarnameru TempleSonepur, Odisha 767017, India

Subarnameru Temple, an ancient Hindu pilgrimage centre dedicated to Lord Shiva. The shrine enshrines a Sivalingam within a circular yonipitha, installed inside the sanctum sanctorum or Garbhagriha.

Map of Hindu Temples to explore in Subarnapur