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Top 4 attractions you must visit in Kendujhar

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About Kendujhar

District Keonjhar is situated in the northern part of Orissa. It is neighboured by Mayurbhanj District, Balasore District and Bhadrak District to the east, Jajpur District to the south, Dhenkanal District, Anugul District and Sundargarh District to the west, and West Singhbhum District to the north.

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Attractions in Kendujhar
Bhimkund waterfall and stream
Bhimkund waterfall and streamVikaramada, Odisha 758030, India
Lake/ River/ Ponds

Bhimakunda Waterfall, Keonjhar has a stunning spectacular natural environment encircled with lush green forest. The majestic Baitarani river provides two most beautiful and scary waterfalls called Sanakunda & Badakunda to the natural lovers. The waterfall has a terrific characteristic of imparting awesome experience to the visitors due to large vertical shaped gorge & speeding current and makes the environment smokey.

GONASIKA TEMPLEGonasika, Odisha 758018, India
Hindu Temples
Notable Architectures

Gonasika Temple is surrounded by picturesque green valleys and up rolling hills of varying colour is famous for pilgrimage centre. The famous temple of Brahmeswar Mahadev is established by the side of river Baitarni by Creator Brahma himself . Perennial river Baitarni is originated here through two nostrils of a cow. As a strange to tourists, the river soon goes underground and re-emerges to be collected inside Brahma Kunda for which it is known as Guptaganga.

Gundichaghagi Water fall
Gundichaghagi Water fallGundicha ghagi road., Ghatgaon, Odisha 758028, India

Gundichaghagi waterfall is located amidst spectacular natural environment with lush green forest. A cascade of waterfalls on the river Musala falls at a distance of 50 feet below the river surface makes the area virtually smokey & attractive with roaring sound. The waterfall looks like a silver garland.

Handibhanga Water Fall
Handibhanga Water FallKalimati, HandiBhanga, Odisha 758034, India

Handibhanga Waterfall stands as a popular waterfall and a major source of tourism in Odisha. Flowing down from a height of 30 m, this waterfall is also a loved picnic spot in Odisha where travellers come and rejuvenate themselves with the sound of the splashing water.

Map of attractions in Kendujhar