3 Deserts to Explore in United Arab Emirates

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United Arab Emirates

Federetaion of seven states that has been to one of the Middle East's most important economic centres. Since oil exports began in 1962, the country's society and economy have been transformed for the better. Since the UAE has diversified and has become a regional trading and tourism hub

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Deserts to Explore in United Arab Emirates

Big Red Sand Dune

One of the most traveled attractions of Sharjah. A perfect spot for desert sports. The dunes are ideal for sand skiing, 4×4 buggies quad bikes, you can also camp and experience the Bedouin’s life.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR) is the UAE’s first national park, creating a protected environment for the last of the desert wildernesses. This unique reserve was created for the protection of those endangered species and for the conservation of the natural desert habitat and heritage.

Liwa Oasis

The Liwa Oasis is a large oasis area, and it covers about 98 km in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi Emirate in the Empty Quarter desert, 150 km from Abu Dhabi city and it has 39 populated areas.

Map of Deserts to explore in United Arab Emirates