10 Aquariums to Explore in France

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France, including its overseas territories, has the most number of time zones with a total of 12 time zones. France has long been a global center of art, science, and philosophy. It hosts the world's fourth-largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is the leading tourist destination, receiving around 83 million foreign visitors annually.

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Aquariums to Explore in France

Aquarium du Périgord Noir

The Périgord Noir aquarium is, with more than 6,000 fish, the largest private freshwater aquarium in France . It is located in the Dordogne department , in the commune of Bugue , just next to the village of Bournat. Pike , catfish , sturgeon and other fluvial species are presented to the public through bay windows. Different species of fish are visible in the different rooms of the aquarium.

Aquarium of Guadeloupe

The Guadeloupe aquarium is a public aquarium, located at the Bas du Fort marina in Gosier, in the south of Grande-Terre, an island in Guadeloupe and it is also the most visited museum on the island which was opened in 1985. It has nearly 80 species of fish and 50 species of corals are presented to the public so that they can discover the richness of the seabed of the Caribbean Sea.

Biarritz Aquarium

The Biarritz aquarium is the first maritime museum in Biarritz was created in 1871 by the Marquis Léopold de Folin. It underwent the first renovation in 1992 inorder to house an important collection of marine animals and stuffed birds. It now presents the marine life of the Bay of Biscay and information on fishing techniques, cetaceans, whaling, and the life of sailors. Its terrace contains a shop, the outdoor seal pool where the seals eat, and offers a panoramic view of the coast.

Grand Aquarium de Touraine

The Grand Aquarium de Touraine is an aquarium located between Tours and Amboise. it is the largest freshwater aquarium in Europe and consists of 70 basins including a 30-meter-long freshwater tunnel sheltering species from this river but also oceans around the world. A total of 12,000 fish are staged in two million liters of water.

Grand Aquarium Saint Malo

One of the beautiful aquarium which will let you discover life under the ocean waves in total immersion. You’ll be surrounded by sharks and giant turtles in the ‘Anneau des mers’ underwater viewing tunnel. More than 6,000 underwater species are there at the Grand Aquarium. 360,000 people visit this site each year making it the second most visited tourist site in Brittany.


Kélonia is a public aquarium located by the seaside on the west coast of Réunion, at the north exit of the town of Saint-Leu. It is also a research and treatment center for marine turtles.

La Rochelle Aquarium

La Rochelle’s aquarium is one of Europe’s largest private aquariums, with over 12,000 marine animals. But entering the family-friendly space often involves a long wait. You can meet over 12 000 marine animals, and be amazed by the biodiversity of the Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea and Tropics.

Nausicaá - Centre national de la Mer

Nausicaá, the national center of the sea, is a center for discovering the marine environment, opened in 1991 in Boulogne-sur-Mer in the north of France. With more than 600,000 visitors on average per year, it is the second most visited tourist site north of Paris after Parc Astérix. It includes aquariums of various sizes, terrariums as well as a specialized media library, information spaces, video projection rooms, conference rooms, and fun activities.


Center for Scientific and Technical Exploration of the Sea located at the edge of the Brest harbor With 76 aquariums and pools containing 4 million liters of seawater and housing 10,000 animals. It offers knowledge about the marine environment to the public.

Vannes Aquarium

A beautiful aquarium that has a vast collection of aquatic creatures and a Fifty ponds which recreate a natural habitat make life comfortable for a thousand fishes. You can discover hundreds of aquatic species and their habitat from here. The aquarium is carrying out a mission to save the fauna of the Gulf of Morbihan. It presents two endangered species of the seahorse and the cuttlefish.

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