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2 Forts to explore in Karak Governorate

Karak Governorate

The land of Karak Governorate was the home of the Kingdom of Moab, during the first millennium BC. Their capital and stronghold is believed to be near the city of Al Karak, which was known as the Qir of Moab.

Al Karak Castle
Al Karak CastleAl Karak Hwy، الكرك، Jordan

A large Crusader castle located in al-Karak, Jordan. It is one of the largest crusader castles in the Levant.

Qasr Bshir
Qasr BshirAmman Governorate, Jordan

Roman fort ruins in the desert of Jordan. One of the best preserved Roman military structure in the world. The fort is built of local stone and forms a with a nearly square reactangle with large projecting rectangular towers in each corner.

Map of Forts to explore in Karak Governorate