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Dhule - 3 Attractions You Must Visit


About Dhule

Dhule district is famous for the production of pure milk.

Types of Attractions in Dhule

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List of Attractions in Dhule

Laling Fort

Laling Fort


Notable Architectures

Laling Killa is a small citadel located in the cutting-edge Dhule district of Maharashtra state in India. The citadel is located on top of Laling hill about 9.65 km south of Dhule metropolis. It turned into one of the crucial forts in the Khandesh place at some point of the time of the Faruqi Kings.

Songir Fort

It is built in a very important place. It is 304 meters high above sea level. From 1370, information available for the songir fort. This fort was in the possession of Farooqi Sultans. After that he went under the control of the Mughals, Marathas and later the British. The British conquered it in 1818. The rounded bastions in black stone absorbs attention. The remains of this fort have also collapsed.

Thalner Fort

Thalner Fort

Mountain Peaks


Thalner is a fortified town close to Dhule city in Maharashtra and is home to many military outposts, the Thalner Fort being of primary significance amongst them due to its strategic location and massive stature. At the foot of this fort which lies at the summit of a small hill, lies an ancient and prehistoric stone temple dedicated to the deity Thaleshwar after whom the city of Thalner and its main military fort, take name.

Map of attractions in Dhule


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