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Top Attractions you must visit in Akola

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About Akola

It is bounded on the north by Amravati District, to the east by Amravati District and by Washim District, to the south by Washim District, and to the west by Buldhana District. There are ranges of Gavilgad hills in the north of the district.

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Attractions in Akola

Narnala Fort
Narnala FortNarnala Fort, Shahanur, Maharashtra 444101, India

also known as “Shahnur Fort”, is a hill fortress in Maharashtra, India, named after the Rajput Ruler Narnala Singh. The name Narnala was given after the Rajput Ruler Narnal Singh or Narnal Swami. The fort was built in 10 A.D. by Gond Kings. In 15th Century Mughals have occupied and rebuild the fort and hence it has been called Shahnoor Fort.

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