Mahabubnagar - 2 Attractions You Must Visit


About Mahabubnagar

The Mahabubnagar region was once known as Cholawadi or the land of the Chola's. It is said that the famous Golconda diamonds including the famous “KOHINOOR” diamond came from Mahabubnagar district.

Types of Attractions in Mahabubnagar

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List of Attractions in Mahabubnagar

Farahabad View point

Farhabad view point is about 9 kilometers from Farhabad entrance gate and it is part of Safari route. It is located in the dense Nallamalla Forest

Koilsagar Project and Reservoir

Koilsagar Project and Reservoir


Notable Architectures

The Koilsagar Dam is a medium sized irrigation project which was constructed at a cost of Rs 80 crores during the glorious period of the Nizams during 1945-48. The British rulers had proposed the idea of constructing a dam to collect and store the excess water in region at the catchment area of the River Krishna for irrigation purposes.

Map of attractions in Mahabubnagar


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