West Godavari - 2 Attractions You Must Visit


About West Godavari

The district is located in the delta region of the Krishna and Godavari rivers.

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List of Attractions in West Godavari

Eluru Buddha Park

Eluru Buddha Park



Gaja Vallivari Cheruvu is one of the ancient ponds in the history of Helapuri town, A magnificent Buddha statue was constructed in the middle of the pond and a painting gallery was also created to spread the Buddha’s teachings. The pedestal is decorated with famous Amaravathi sculptures along the railings of the foot bridge up to the statue.

Guntupalli Buddhist Caves

The rock-cut part of the site has two Buddhist caves, a chaitya hall and a large group of stupas. The chaitya hall has a rare carved stone entrance replicating wooden architecture, a simpler version of that at the Lomas Rishi Cave. There are remains of structural buildings in brick and stone, including remains of two vihara made of brick, as well as excavated caves at two levels, including an unusual structural chaitya hall.

Map of attractions in West Godavari


For more information about West Godavari, visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Godavari_district