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15 Churches to explore in Veneto


The area was a part of the Roman Empire until the 5th century AD. Although being a heavily industrialised region, tourism is one of its main economic resources; one-fifth of Italy's foreign tourism gravitates towards Veneto, which is the first region in Italy in terms of tourist presence, attracting over 60 million visitors every year, second after Emilia-Romagna in terms of hotel industry structures.

Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo
Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e PaoloCastello, Campo S.S. Giovanni e Paolo, 6363, 30122 Venezia VE, Italy

The basilica of Santi Giovanni e Paolo is the largest church in Venice and one of the most surprising. Inside you can find the tombs of 27 doges and some paintings from important artists. the funeral services of all of Venice's doges were held here, and twenty-five doges are buried in the church.

Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore
Basilica di San Zeno MaggiorePiazza San Zeno, 2, 37123 Verona VR, Italy

The Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore one of the most beautiful and better-preserved examples of Romanesque architecture in the whole of Northern Italy. This large Romanesque basilica, with cloisters and a separate bell tower, was part of a Benedictine monastery that often housed the German Roman emperors. The marvelous building is easy to admire even without an understanding of all the underlying symbolism of the art and style elements.

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute
Basilica di Santa Maria della SaluteDorsoduro, 1, 30123 Venezia VE, Italy

Santa Maria Della Salute is a basilica in Venice built in the Punta Della Dogana area, from where it stands out in the panorama of the San Marco Basin and the Grand Canal. Designed by Baldassare Longhena with attention to the models of Palladio, it is one of the best expressions of Venetian Baroque architecture. Its construction represents an ex-voto to the Madonna by the Venetians for the liberation from the plague that between1630 and 1631 decimated the population.

Basilica S.Maria Gloriosa dei Frari
Basilica S.Maria Gloriosa dei FrariSan Polo, 3072, 30125 Venezia VE, Italy

Basilica S.Maria Gloriosa dei Frari is a church located in the Campo dei Frari at the heart of the San Polo district of Venice, Italy. One of the most prominent churches in the city. Originally built between 1236 and 1338 by the Franciscan Conventual Friars, the structure was thoroughly re-modeled in the XIV century and given its present most magnificent form of the central nave, two side aisles, and seven apsidal chapels after the Franciscan-Gothic style.

Chiesa di San Zaccaria
Chiesa di San ZaccariaCampo S. Zaccaria, 4693, 30122 Venezia VE, Italy

The church of San Zaccaria is a place of worship catholic city of Venice, located in the district of Castello, near the field that takes its name. The church is dedicated to Zaccaria, father of San Giovanni Battista. Very ancient church dating back to the 9th century, at the origin of the city, it was a place closely linked to the archaic history of Venice. It was now one of the famous pilgrimage centers in this area and also a tourist attraction too.

Church of San Giorgio Maggiore
Church of San Giorgio MaggioreIsola di S.Giorgio Maggiore, 30133 Venezia VE, Italy

One of the majestic church in Venice, designed in 1566 by Andrea Palladio and finished in 1610 by Vincenzo Scamozzi. The church stands on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, opposite the monumental San Marco Basilica, and is one of the first sights of Venice visible to the traveler approaching by sea. The church is a basilica in the classical Renaissance style and its brilliant white marble gleams above the blue water of the lagoon opposite the Piazzetta di San Marco and forms the focal point of

Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli
Church of Santa Maria dei MiracoliCampiello dei Miracoli, 30121 Venezia VE, Italy

The church of Miracoli is a very special church, from a historical-artistic point of view, but also under a sentimental point of view for the Venetians. The church was built between 1481 and 1489 upon the commission of Angelo Amadi. The interior is enclosed by a wide barrel vault, with a single nave. The nave is dominated by an ornamental marble stair rising between two pulpits, with statues by Tullio Lombardo, Alessandro Vittoria, and Niccolò di Pietro. It was one of the iconic buildings in th

Complesso della Cattedrale di Verona
Complesso della Cattedrale di VeronaPiazza Duomo, 21, 37121 Verona VR, Italy

The cathedral of Verona, whose official name is the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta but also known as the cathedral of Santa Maria Matricolare, from the name of the ancient early Christian church, is the main place of Catholic worship in the city of Verona, the mother church of the homonymous diocese. It is part of an articulated architectural complex, which also includes the Palazzo del Vescovado, the cloister of the Canons, the chapter library, the baptistery of San Giovanni in Fonte.

Palladian Basilica
Palladian BasilicaPiazza dei Signori, 36100 Vicenza VI, Italy

The Palladian Basilica is a public building overlooking Piazza Dei Signori in Vicenza. His name is inextricably linked to ' architect Renaissance Andrea Palladio, who redesigned the Palazzo Della Ragione adding to the existing building gothic the famous lodges in white marble in serliane. Once the seat of the public magistrates of Vicenza, today the Palladian Basilica, equipped with three independent exhibition spaces, is the scene of architecture and art exhibitions.

Saint Mark's Basilica
Saint Mark's San Marco, 328, 30124 Venezia VE, Italy

The Basilica di San Marco, right next to Saint Mark's Square and near the Doge's Palace, is the most famous of Venice's churches and is among the world's best-known examples of Byzantine architecture. It was built over several centuries, frequently transformed and enriched with precious treasures, often from the Far East. It is the most famous of the city's churches and one of the best-known examples of Italo-Byzantine architecture.

San Giorgio Maggiore
San Giorgio MaggioreSan Giorgio Maggiore, 30133 Venice, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy

San Giorgio Maggiore is a 16th-century Benedictine church on the island of the same name in Venice. San Giorgio Maggiore's gleaming white facade faces across the basin of San Marco to the great piazza. Built as part of the Benedictine monastery on the island. The island, or more specifically its Palladian church, is an important landmark. It has been much painted, featuring for example in a series by Monet.

Santuario Madonna della Corona
Santuario Madonna della CoronaVicolo Santuario, 1, 37020 Ferrara di Monte Baldo VR, Italy

The sanctuary of the Madonna Della Corona is located in the territory of the Municipality of Ferrara di Monte Baldo in the province and diocese of Verona, in a hollow excavated in Mount Baldo. In the 15th century, it was a hermitage; the first church was inaugurated in 1530, after the visit of the bishop Gian Matteo Giberti. It became a sanctuary in 1625 when the knights of Malta had the church rebuilt, which was then completed in 1680.

Scrovegni Chapel
Scrovegni ChapelPiazza Eremitani, 8, 35121 Padova PD, Italy

The Chapel of the Scrovegni is a museum site which is located in the historic center of Padua and holds a very famous cycle of frescoes by Giotto of the early fourteenth century, considered one of the masterpieces of ' Western art. The nave is 29.88 m long, 8.41 m wide, 12.65 m high; the apse area is made up of the first part with a square plan, 4.49 m deep and 4.31 m wide, and a subsequent polygonal part with five sides, 2.57 m deep and covered by five ribbed nails.

The Basilica of St. Anthony
The Basilica of St. AnthonyPiazza del Santo, 11, 35123 Padova PD, Italy

The Basilica of Saint Anthony in Padua is one of the largest churches in the world, visited every year by more than 5 million pilgrims. The relics of Saint Anthony are preserved here. Behind the high altar, nine radiating chapels punctuate a broad ambulatory homing in on the Cappella delle Reliquie, where the relics of St Anthony reside. The basilica bears a remarkable resemblance to St. Mark's in Venice, but here blends Romanesque, Gothic, and Byzantine styles to set it apart.

Torcello Basilica
Torcello BasilicaFondamenta dei Borgognoni, 24, 30142 Venezia VE, Italy

The basilica of Santa Maria Assunta is the main place of Catholic worship on the island of Torcello, in the Venice lagoon, and the ancient cathedral of the suppressed diocese of Torcello. rises just away from what remains of the square of the ancient city and almost isolated in the middle of the island. Next to it are the church of Santa Fosca and the foundations of the baptistery dedicated to San Giovanni, now disappeared: the three buildings formed a single religious complex.

Map of Churches to explore in Veneto