Dunes to Explore in Germany

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Country with the largest population in Europe. Stretches from the North and the Baltic Sea in the north to the Alps in the south. It is traversed by some of Europe's major rivers such as the Rhine, Danube and Elbe.

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Dunes to Explore in Germany

Hornum Odde

The Hörnum-Odde is a dune and heathland on the southern tip of the North Frisian island of Sylt in the municipality of Hörnum. To the east is the priel Hörnumtief , southwest the prielsenke Hörnumloch and the sand Theeknobs. The two-kilometer Odde stands since 1972 under nature protection and is due to their exposed position especially tidal currents and storm surges threatened. The Hörnum-Odde is of great tourist importance.

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