3 attractions you should visit in Belagavi - With photos & details

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Top 3 attractions to explore in Belagavi

One of the oldest, strong, prominent and well cultured historical place nestling high in the western ghats

Belgaum FortBelgaum Fort Area, Belgaum, Karnataka 590016, India
Notable Architectures

Built by Jaya Raja. The fort has fine ramparts and a large moat, has a rich history with historical and religious monuments dated to the Adil shahi dynasty

Gokak FallsGokak Falls, Karnataka, India
Lake/ River/ Ponds
1 Day Treks

Nothing can beat the gorgeous site of white waters gushing down rugged hills and bordering green forests resulting in a natural stream. Owing to its scenic beauty, roaring sound and unending flow of water, Gokak Falls became a celebrated tourist destination in the state of Karnataka.

Yellamma TempleBelgaum, Karnataka 591101, India
Hindu Temples
Notable Architectures

Also known as the Renuka temple which is situated on a hilltop known as Yallamma gudi.  The temple is associated with the ancient devadasi practice of dedicating girls to the temple which the government of Karnataka has eliminated.  Has a lot of historical importance. The architectural works are truly mesmerizing

Map of attractions in Belagavi