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Noble County, nestled in the heart of the Midwest, offers visitors a blend of scenic landscapes, historical sites, and outdoor activities. From charming small towns to pristine lakes, the county provides a peaceful escape for those seeking a respite from urban life.

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Black Pine Animal Sanctuary

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, located in Noble County, Indiana, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and lifelong care of exotic animals. The sanctuary primarily focuses on providing a permanent home for animals that have been retired from circuses, abandoned, or confiscated from private ownership. Black Pine Animal Sanctuary strives to educate the public about responsible exotic animal ownership and the conservation of these species.

Chain O’ Lakes State Park

Chain O'Lakes State Park is located in Noble County, Indiana. It is a popular outdoor recreational area known for its interconnected lakes and diverse natural landscapes. The park features several lakes, including Lake James, and offers activities such as boating, fishing, hiking, and camping.

Gene Stratton-Porter Cabin (Rome City, Indiana)

The Gene Stratton-Porter Cabin in Rome City, Indiana, is a historical site associated with Gene Stratton-Porter, a celebrated American author, naturalist, and early conservationist.

Ligonier Historical Museum

The Ligonier Historical Museum is a testament to the rich history and heritage of Ligonier, a charming town in Indiana. This museum plays a crucial role in preserving and presenting the cultural and historical artifacts that define the community's past.

Merry Lea Environmental Center

Merry Lea Environmental Center is an educational and nature reserve facility located in Wolf Lake, Indiana. Operated by Goshen College, the center spans over 1,000 acres of diverse ecosystems, including wetlands, prairies, and forests. It serves as an environmental learning hub, offering educational programs, workshops, and research opportunities focused on sustainable living and environmental stewardship.

Noble County Courthouse

Noble County Courthouse

Camel Ride Spots

The Noble County Courthouse, like many county courthouses, is likely a significant architectural and historical landmark in the community. Courthouses often house courtrooms, county offices, and sometimes historical displays. They are essential institutions for legal proceedings, civic administration, and community gatherings.

Old Jail Museum

The Noble County Sheriff's House and Jail is a historic complex located in Albion, Indiana, known for its architectural significance and role in the region's law enforcement history.It is a 2+1⁄2-story, red brick building with combined Second Empire and Gothic Revival style design elements. It features round-arched windows, a three-story projecting entrance tower, and a mansard roof.

Stone's Trace

Stone's Trace

Old Ruins

Stone's Trace in Noble County is a historical site that holds significance for its role in the early settlement and development of the region. The term "Stone's Trace" may refer to a historic trail or pathway associated with early pioneers or settlers.

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