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Miami County, located in north-central Indiana, offers a blend of rural charm, historical significance, and recreational opportunities that cater to visitors seeking a diverse range of experiences.The county is known for its rich history, including its connection to the Miami Native American tribe. Visitors interested in history can explore sites like the Miami Indian Heritage Trail, which showcases the region's Native American heritage, and the Mississinewa Battlefield, where the Battle of Miss

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Burial Place of Francis Godfroy

Francis Godfroy, a prominent figure of the Miami Native American tribe, is buried in a significant burial site located in Miami County, Indiana. Godfroy played a key role in the history of the Miami tribe during the 19th century, advocating for their rights and negotiating with the United States government on behalf of his people.

Circus Hall of Fame

Circus Hall of Fame

Iconic Buildings

The Circus Hall of Fame, located in Peru, Indiana, celebrates the rich history and heritage of the American circus industry. Established in 1958, it honors the performers, showmen, and the captivating world of circus entertainment.

Grissom Air Museum

The Grissom Air Museum, stands as a tribute to military aviation history and the legacy of the Grissom Air Reserve Base.The museum showcases an extensive collection of aircraft, artifacts, and exhibits related to aviation and military history. Visitors can explore various aircraft, including bombers, fighter jets, helicopters, and other military planes, offering a firsthand look at the evolution of aviation technology and the role of the Air Force throughout history.

House Of Chief Richardville.

The House of Chief Richardville, also known as the Richardville House, is a historic landmark located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Built in the early 19th century, it stands as a symbol of the Miami tribe's cultural heritage and the legacy of Chief Jean Baptiste Richardville, a prominent figure among the Miami people.

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