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Franklin County, nestled in the southeastern part of Idaho, offers a unique blend of rural charm, historical significance, and natural beauty, making it an intriguing destination for visitors.Bordered by stunning mountain ranges and fertile agricultural land, Franklin County boasts a rich heritage rooted in pioneer history. The county holds distinction as the location of the first permanent Anglo settlement in present-day Idaho. Its small towns, like Preston, serve as gateways to a bygone era, s

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Bear River Massacre Site

The Bear River Massacre Site, located near Preston in present-day Franklin County, Idaho, marks a tragic event in the history of the Northwestern Shoshone Native American tribe. On January 29, 1863, a conflict erupted between the U.S. Army and the Shoshone tribe at the confluence of the Bear River and Battle Creek.

Franklin Historic Properties

Franklin, Idaho, is rich in historic properties that reflect the town's pioneer heritage and its role as the first permanent Anglo settlement in present-day Idaho. These historic properties stand as testaments to Franklin's pioneering history and offer visitors a chance to step back in time, experience the town's heritage, and appreciate its significant role in Idaho's history.

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