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About Bingham County

Bingham County, located in southeastern Idaho, offers a blend of outdoor adventures, historical landmarks, and cultural attractions, making it an appealing destination for tourists.The county is known for its natural beauty, highlighted by the Snake River, which provides opportunities for fishing, boating, and scenic riverside activities. Nearby, the American Falls Reservoir offers additional water-based recreation, including swimming, watersports, and camping.

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Hell's Half Acre Lava Field

Hell's Half Acre Lava Field, located in Bingham County, Idaho, is a fascinating geological area featuring rugged terrain formed by ancient volcanic activity.Covering over 50 square miles, the lava field is characterized by barren, rocky landscapes, jagged cliffs, and unique formations created by lava flows thousands of years ago. The area's distinct features, including caves, spatter cones, and other volcanic formations, offer visitors a glimpse into the region's volcanic history.

Idaho Potato Museum

The Idaho Potato Museum, located in Blackfoot, Bingham County, is a unique and entertaining attraction dedicated to celebrating the history, culture, and significance of the potato industry in Idaho.

Sterling Wildlife Management Area

Sterling Wildlife Management Area

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Wildlife Sanctuaries

The Sterling Wildlife Management Area, located in Bingham County, Idaho, is a designated conservation area aimed at preserving wildlife habitats and providing recreational opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts.

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