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About Mississippi County

Mississippi County, located in the northeastern region of Arkansas, offers a diverse and vibrant array of attractions and experiences for visitors. This county, named after the mighty Mississippi River, is a destination that combines history, culture, natural beauty, and outdoor activities. In this introduction to tourism in Mississippi County, we will explore the key attractions and unique features that make it an appealing destination for travelers of all interests.

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List of Attractions in Mississippi County

Big Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Big Lake National Wildlife Refuge

2-5 Day Treks


Wildlife Sanctuaries

Big Lake National Wildlife Refuge, situated in Mississippi County, Arkansas, is a pristine and ecologically significant area that provides refuge for wildlife and a natural sanctuary for outdoor enthusiasts. This refuge, nestled along the eastern shore of Big Lake, offers visitors the opportunity to explore a diverse range of habitats and observe the rich wildlife that thrives in this protected environment.

Blytheville Greyhound Bus Station

The Blytheville Greyhound Bus Station, is a historic transportation hub that has played a vital role in connecting travelers for generations. This iconic bus station, which has stood the test of time, is not only a practical transportation facility but also a significant part of the region's history and culture. In this introduction, we will explore its unique features, its historical significance, and the role it plays as a symbol of travel and community in the area.

Delta Gateway Museum

The Delta Gateway Museum, located in Blytheville, Mississippi County, Arkansas, is a cultural institution that invites visitors to explore and celebrate the rich and diverse heritage of the Mississippi Delta region. This museum is a gateway to the past, offering a journey through the history, culture, and artistic expressions of the area.

Hampson Archeological Museum State Park

The Hampson Archeological Museum State Park, located in Wilson, Mississippi County, Arkansas, is a hidden gem that offers visitors a unique journey into the ancient history of the Mississippi Delta region. This museum and park provide a captivating exploration of the archeological treasures and cultural heritage of the area, with a particular focus on the Native American civilizations that once thrived in this fertile landscape.

Herman Davis State Park

Herman Davis State Park, is a serene and picturesque natural haven that provides a wide range of outdoor recreational opportunities. Named in honor of Private Herman Davis, a local World War I hero, this state park offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Arkansas Delta region. In this introduction to Herman Davis State Park, we will explore its unique features, its historical significance, and the variety of activities it offers.

Johnny Cash Boyhood Home

Johnny Cash Boyhood Home

Iconic Buildings

Old Ruins

The Johnny Cash Boyhood Home, is a cherished historic site that pays homage to one of the most iconic and influential figures in the history of American music, Johnny Cash. This home stands as a living testament to the early life and formative years of the "Man in Black" and offers visitors a glimpse into the humble beginnings of a legendary musician. In this introduction to the Johnny Cash Boyhood Home, we will explore the unique features of this historic site.

Mallard Lake

Mallard Lake

Lake/ River/ Ponds

Mallard Lake, located in Mississippi County, Arkansas, is a picturesque and serene natural gem that offers a tranquil escape for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. This lovely lake is known for its scenic beauty, abundant wildlife, and recreational opportunities that make it an inviting destination for those seeking a peaceful connection with the natural world.

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For more information about Mississippi County, visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mississippi_County,_Arkansas