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Welcome to Calhoun County, Alabama, a diverse and inviting destination in the eastern part of the state! Known for its rich history, natural beauty, and vibrant communities, Calhoun County offers visitors a wide range of experiences, from exploring historic sites to enjoying outdoor adventures.Calhoun County boasts a rich historical heritage dating back to the early 19th century. The city of Anniston, in particular, is home to numerous historic sites, including Victorian-era homes, museums, and

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Anniston Museum of Natural History

The Anniston Museum of Natural History, located in Anniston, Alabama, is a captivating institution dedicated to the exploration of the natural world and the preservation of our planet's diverse ecosystems. Nestled in the scenic surroundings of Lagarde Park, the museum offers visitors a unique opportunity to embark on a journey of discovery, education, and appreciation for the wonders of nature.

Chief Ladiga Trail

Chief Ladiga Trail

Outdoors- Other

1 Day Treks

The Chief Ladiga Trail, located in Calhoun County, Alabama, is a scenic and historic rail trail that stretches for approximately 33 miles, making it one of the longest continuous paved rail trails in the United States. This trail offers outdoor enthusiasts, cyclists, walkers, and runners a splendid opportunity to explore the natural beauty and rich history of the region while enjoying a variety of recreational activities.

Coldwater Creek Covered Bridge

The Coldwater Creek Covered Bridge, located in Calhoun County, Alabama, is a historic and picturesque covered bridge that serves as a charming reminder of a bygone era. Nestled amidst the rural landscape, this bridge is not only an architectural gem but also a beloved landmark that attracts visitors and history enthusiasts from across the region.

Freedom Riders National Monument

The Freedom Riders National Monument, located in Calhoun County, Alabama, is a significant historical site that commemorates the brave individuals known as the Freedom Riders and their role in the American Civil Rights Movement. This national monument stands as a symbol of the struggle for civil rights and social justice, and it serves as a place of remembrance, reflection, and education.

Janney Furnace Park

Janney Furnace Park, located in Calhoun County, Alabama, is a historic site that preserves the remnants of an iron furnace and offers visitors a fascinating glimpse into the region's industrial past. This park stands as a testament to the once-thriving iron industry in Alabama and serves as an educational and recreational destination.

Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge

The Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge, situated in Calhoun County, Alabama, is a pristine natural sanctuary dedicated to the preservation of one of the South's most unique and endangered ecosystems – the mountain longleaf pine forest. Covering approximately 9,016 acres, this refuge offers visitors the opportunity to explore and appreciate the rich biodiversity and scenic beauty of this rare and ecologically significant habitat.

Neely Henry Lake

Neely Henry Lake

Lake/ River/ Ponds

Neely Henry Lake, located in northeastern Alabama, is a picturesque reservoir that stretches across several counties and offers a scenic and recreational oasis for both locals and visitors. Formed by the damming of the Coosa River, this man-made lake is known for its tranquil waters, stunning natural beauty, and abundant opportunities for outdoor activities.

Oxford Lake

Oxford Lake

Lake/ River/ Ponds

Oxford Lake, located in Calhoun County, Alabama, is a serene and picturesque body of water that serves as a popular recreational destination and natural retreat for both locals and visitors. This man-made lake covers approximately 122 acres and offers a range of outdoor activities, making it an inviting spot for individuals and families looking to enjoy the great outdoors.

Talladega National Forest

Talladega National Forest

2-5 Day Treks


Talladega National Forest, located in the heart of Alabama, is a sprawling and diverse natural wonderland that offers a wide range of outdoor adventures and recreational opportunities. Encompassing approximately 392,567 acres of pristine woodlands, mountains, and waterways, this national forest is a cherished destination for nature enthusiasts, hikers, campers, hunters, and anyone seeking a serene escape into the beauty of the Southern wilderness.

World's Largest Office Chair

World's Largest Office Chair

Man-made Structures- Other

The World's Largest Office Chair, located in Anniston, Calhoun County, Alabama, is a whimsical and eye-catching roadside attraction that has become a unique landmark in the area. As the name suggests, this towering office chair holds the distinction of being the largest of its kind globally, and it stands as both a testament to human creativity and a symbol of the region's industriousness.

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