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About Kershaw County

Kershaw County, located in the heart of South Carolina, is a charming and historic destination that offers visitors a blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and Southern hospitality. Nestled in the Midlands region, Kershaw County provides a glimpse into the state's past, as well as a variety of outdoor activities and community events for residents and tourists alike.

Types of Attractions in Kershaw County

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List of Attractions in Kershaw County

Goodale State Park

Goodale State Park

Outdoors- Other

Goodale State Park, located in Kershaw County, South Carolina, is a serene and picturesque destination known for its natural beauty, outdoor recreational opportunities, and peaceful atmosphere. This state park provides a tranquil escape for visitors seeking a connection with nature and a chance to unwind in a pristine natural setting.

Historic Camden Revolutionary War Site

Historic Camden Revolutionary War Site

Man-made Structures- Other

Old Ruins

The Historic Camden Revolutionary War Site, located in Kershaw County, South Carolina, is a living history museum and historic site that takes visitors back in time to the American Revolutionary War era. This site preserves and interprets the history of Camden, which played a significant role in the American Revolution, making it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and those interested in the early history of the United States.

Kendall Lake

Kendall Lake

Lake/ River/ Ponds

Kendall Lake, located in South Carolina, is a picturesque and tranquil body of water nestled in a natural setting. It's a popular destination for those seeking a peaceful retreat in nature, as well as outdoor enthusiasts looking to enjoy a variety of recreational activities.

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