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Clark County, located in Ohio, is a region rich in history, natural beauty, and diverse attractions that cater to a wide range of interests. With its mix of historical sites, outdoor recreational opportunities, cultural attractions, and community events, Clark County offers a dynamic and engaging destination for both residents and visitors. Nestled in the heart of the Midwest, Clark County boasts a balance between urban and rural landscapes, making it a versatile destination for those seeking a

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Buck Creek State Park

Buck Creek State Park

Outdoors- Other

Buck Creek State Park, located in Clark County, Ohio, is a scenic and expansive outdoor destination that offers a wide range of recreational activities amidst the beauty of nature. Situated around the picturesque Buck Creek Lake, the park provides opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts, families, and visitors to engage in a variety of water-based and land-based activities.

Clark Lake

Clark Lake

Lake/ River/ Ponds

Clark Lake is situated in Clark County, approximately 8 miles east of Springfield, northeast of Harmony, off U.S. Route 40. Clark Lake is a headwater impoundment of Sinking Creek in the Great Miami River watershed. The Clark Lake watershed comprises approximately 4,384 acres, of which 80 percent is agricultural land and 8 percent woodlots. Construction of the earthen fill dam on Sinking Creek began in 1956 and was completed in January 1958.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Westcott House

Frank Lloyd Wright's Westcott House, located in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio, is an architectural masterpiece and a testament to the innovative designs of the renowned American architect. As one of the few Prairie-style houses designed by Wright in the Midwest, the Westcott House stands as a remarkable example of his philosophy of organic architecture and integration with the natural environment.

George Rogers Clark Park

George Rogers Clark Park, located in Clark County, Ohio, is a historical and natural destination that pays tribute to the legacy of George Rogers Clark, a Revolutionary War hero, and offers a scenic setting for outdoor activities and exploration. Named in honor of Clark's contributions to American history, the park provides a combination of historical education and recreational opportunities.

The Heritage Center of Clark County - Clark County Historical Society and Museum

The Heritage Center of Clark County, operated by the Clark County Historical Society and Museum, is a cultural hub in Springfield, Ohio, dedicated to preserving and showcasing the history, heritage, and stories of Clark County and its residents. This museum serves as a valuable resource for both locals and visitors, offering insights into the region's past, its people, and its contributions to American history.

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