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Perry County - 5 Attractions You Must Visit


About Perry County

Perry County, Missouri, is a hidden gem in the Midwest that boasts a variety of tourist attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy. Nestled in the heart of the state, Perry County is home to a stunning natural landscape, rich cultural heritage, and numerous recreational opportunities.One of the must-visit attractions in Perry County is the Perry State Park, which covers over 1,800 acres of natural beauty. The park is situated on the shores of Lake Perry, a 12,000-acre reservoir that offers

Types of Attractions in Perry County

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List of Attractions in Perry County

Chester Bridge

Chester Bridge is another significant landmark located in Perry County, Missouri, that has played a vital role in the region's transportation history. The bridge spans the Mississippi River, connecting the counties of Perry, Missouri, and Chester, Illinois. The bridge has been a crucial transportation route since its construction, providing a vital link between the two states.The Chester Bridge was built in 1942 and was designed to accommodate both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Grand Tower Island

Grand Tower Island

Outdoors- Other


Grand Tower Island is a stunning natural attraction that is renowned for its unique geological features and diverse wildlife. The island is situated along the Mississippi River and covers over 3,000 acres of natural beauty, making it a popular destination for tourists and nature enthusiasts.One of the most notable features of Grand Tower Island is its towering rock formations, which rise up to 80 feet above the river and offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Saline Creek

Saline Creek

Lake/ River/ Ponds

Saline Creek, is a significant historical site that played a crucial role in the state's development. The creek was originally named "Schwarzwald," meaning "black forest," by German settlers who arrived in the region in the early 1800s.The creek flows through the countryside of Perry County, providing a valuable source of water for irrigation and transportation. The area surrounding Saline Creek was settled by German immigrants, who established farms and homesteads along its banks.

Saxon Lutheran Memorial

The Saxon Lutheran Memorial was built to honor the legacy of the Salzburgers and their contributions to the development of the region. The memorial consists of a museum, a chapel, and a cemetery, where many Salzburgers are buried. The museum houses exhibits about the history of the Salzburgers and their life in both Georgia and South Carolina, as well as artifacts and documents from the period.

Tower Rock

Tower Rock

Rock Formations

Tower Rock is a notable landmark, that has been a popular tourist destination for decades. This natural wonder is believed to be the remnant of an ancient volcano that erupted over 300 million years ago, leaving behind a unique and rugged rock formation that rises 60 feet above the Mississippi River.The rock is named after a 19th-century steamboat accident that occurred near the site, in which the steamer, named the "Talisman," struck the rock and capsized.

Map of attractions in Perry County


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