2 Lake/ River/ Ponds to Explore in Macon County

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Macon County

Macon County, Missouri is a charming little slice of America that boasts small town charm and agricultural pride. It might not be the most glamorous location in the world, but hey, it's got its own brand of magic. The people are friendly, the food is hearty, and there's always something to celebrate - even if it's just another successful harvest. Whether you're a local or just passing through, Macon County will welcome you with open arms. Sure, it might not have the bright lights of the big city

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Lake/ River/ Ponds to Explore in Macon County

Long Branch Lake

Long Branch Lake is the perfect spot for a day outdoors. With 24 miles of pristine shoreline, this lake offers a range of recreational activities for everyone. Whether you prefer fishing, swimming, boating, or hiking, Long Branch Lake has got you covered. The fish population is abundant, so even novice anglers can expect to reel in a catch. The lake's scenic beauty is simply breathtaking, which makes it an ideal location for nature lovers and photographers alike.

Thomas Hill Reservoir

This beautiful body of water offers plenty of opportunities for fishing, boating, and enjoying the great outdoors. As someone who has spent some time exploring the area, I can say that Thomas Hill Reservoir is truly a must-visit destination for anyone who loves spending time in nature. Not only does it offer some of the best fishing in the area, but it's also a great spot for hiking and camping.

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