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3 Dams to Explore in Iosco County

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Iosco County

Iosco County, Michigan is a great place to live and work. The area is full of beautiful sights and is convenient to many large cities. Iosco's natural beauty alone makes it stand out: featuring spectacular vistas of small lakes and rivers, it also provides plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities such as fishing and boating. Its county park system offers trails for biking and hiking, campgrounds and picnic areas spread throughout. Iosco has diverse economic opportunities, from lumber mills to

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Dams to Explore in Iosco County

Cooke Dam Pond

Cooke Dam Pond is a well-known body of water located in Iosco County, Michigan. It is part of the Cooke Dam Park, a popular destination for picnickers and those who enjoy fishing. This pristine lake acts as a haven for birds and other wildlife that call it home. Surrounded by lush forests and plenty of fresh air, Cooke Dam Pond is the perfect summer escape for anyone looking to explore the beauty of northeastern lower Michigan.

Foote Dam

Foote Dam is a source of recreational and eco-tourism delights. The scenic area offers visitors the opportunity to observe a variety of wildlife and nature's beauty from its location surrounding Hubbard Lake. From hiking trails along the riverbank to on-the-water waterways for anglers, paddlers and other outdoors enthusiasts, Foote Dam provides something for every season. An educational center also helps educate visitors about the history, ecology and environmental importance of the area.

Foote Dam Pond

Foote Dam Pond, is an excellent spot for outdoor activities. From fishing to kayaking to skiing and snowshoeing in the winter, the pond offers something for everyone. The water's depth and clarity make it ideal for all types of fishermen, offering up a variety of largemouth bass and bluegill. For those looking to explore on land, hiking trails weave around the shoreline featuring stunning views of the surrounding scenery.

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