5 Museums to Explore in Huron County

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Huron County

Huron County, Michigan is a wonderful place to live! Located in the northern part of the lower peninsula, this county is home to 43 mile long Lake Huron. Visitors and residents alike take advantage of all recreational activities that come with living near one of the Great Lakes. There are also plenty of options for shopping, dining, and entertainment no matter what your interest may be. Besides a bright waterfront lifestyle, the area offers numerous tourist attractions like lighthouses, golf cou

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Museums to Explore in Huron County

Frank Murphy Memorial Museum

The Frank Murphy Memorial Museum celebrates the legacy of former Governor Frank Murphy, highlighting his career and the impact he had on Michigan history. Upon visiting this educational landmark, visitors can follow the journey of his career from high school student to mayor to governor of the state with original memorabilia and vintage photographs. In addition to learning about his story, visitors are surrounded by fascinating artifacts from the areas around Port Austin Township.

Grice House Museum

Grice House Museum is an impressive and fascinating historical building. Built in 1854 by Abner Grice, the museum offers a unique insight into local history and life in 1860s America. Its rustic wooden interiors have remained largely unchanged over time and the building contains original furniture and artifacts that remain from the era in which it was constructed. Visitors can take guided tours of its many rooms, as well as explore other attractions such as a nearby period cabin.

Huron County Museum

The Huron County Museum is a great place for learning about the history of the area. Its collections include Native American artifacts, artwork, furniture, tools and clothing from the late-19th and early-20th centuries. Visitors can also explore interactive exhibits such as a replica settler's cabin that they can climb inside to experience pioneer life as it was during those times. A library with an extensive collection of county history books is available to those interested in doing research.

Huron Lightship Museum

The Huron Lightship Museum is a unique attraction that preserves the region's nautical history. Located in Port Austin, it includes not only the original lighthouse tender vessel Huron but also several other vessels and artifacts. Visitors are invited to climb aboard the ship and explore its many rooms and decks, as well as learn about its history of patrolling Lake Huron during treacherous times. Besides taking a tour, visitors may observe the lens room.

Thomas Edison Depot Museum

The Thomas Edison Depot Museum showcases the many inventions developed by revolutionary American inventor Thomas Edison, as well as items from his childhood home. Visitors can learn about Edison's life and accomplishments through various interactive displays, including historical artifacts and period photographs. In addition to showcasing Edison's inventions and work experience, the museum also has sections dedicated to local history and technology advancements.

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