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Grand Traverse County

Grand Traverse County in Michigan is a stunning area popular for its natural beauty of rolling vineyards, pristine beaches, and picturesque sand dunes. It is located along the magnificent shoreline on Lake Michigan and features breathtaking views from many of its quaint villages, countryside resorts, and lakeside towns. The county is also home to beautiful forests, world-class golf courses, and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities. Other activities available include several local wineries w

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Outdoors - Other to Explore in Grand Traverse County

Chateau Grand Traverse

Chateau Grand Traverse is a winery located in Grand Traverse County. It produces a variety of award-winning wines that are renowned for their quality, flavor and complexity. The winery also offers educational programs and tastings where visitors can learn about some of the finer points of wine tasting. As well as its great range of wines, guests can enjoy full restaurant meals and outdoor activities at the tasting room or on the beautiful grounds surrounding the winery.

Clinch Park

Clinch Park is an absolute paradise for the outdoorsy types. Located on the northern tip of East Grand Traverse Bay, it is a popular destination for local families. With gorgeous views and loads of activities to choose from such as fishing, swimming, boating, picnicking and even volleyball net stands, there is truly something for everyone here! Added features to the park include a boat launch, playgrounds and bathrooms which makes this recreation area family-friendly.

Grand Traverse Commons Natural Area

Grand Traverse Commons Natural Area provides a wonderful chance for visitors to experience nature and enjoy the outdoors. This beautiful area has plenty of opportunities for exploring nature with miles of trails and boardwalk bridges as well as climbing walls and educational programs for all ages. Visitors can spot rolling dunes, restored prairies and wetlands along their adventure through the natural area. The park is also home to a variety of birds, turtles, frogs and other animals.

Interlochen State Park

Interlochen State Park is a spectacular spot for outdoor recreation in the heart of the northern Michigan wilderness, it offers an array of activities such as camping, biking, fishing and boating. Hiking lovers will appreciate the stunning beauty of the beach dunes, or take advantage of one of seven trails. Boaters can take full advantage of Crystal Lake with their own vessels or rent one on site. Birdwatchers will thrill at seeing over 200 species that inhabit the area.

Keith J. Charters Traverse City State Park

Keith J. Charters Traverse City State Park is a popular destination for Michigan tourists and locals alike. Lake Michigan's cool waters provide an idyllic beachfront for visitors looking to swim, fish, or simply enjoy the wonderful views. Away from the beach, hiking trails traverse the park's dense hills, offering climbers beautiful natural vistas. Sports enthusiasts will find plenty to do as well - the park boast courts and fields for a variety of outdoor recreational activities.

Miller Creek Nature Reserve

Miller Creek Nature Reserve is an oasis of nature surrounded by urban development. This 200-acre reserve offers trails for hiking, biking and cross-country skiing during the winter. Wildlife viewing opportunities exist throughout the preserve, including deer, waterfowl, songbirds, and other native species. Amenities at Miller Creek Nature Reserve include a footbridge crossing Miller Creek itself, numerous benches for resting and bird watching along the way, as well as picnic areas.

Old Mission State Park

Old Mission State Park offers visitors a wealth of activities in a picturesque setting. The park is home to miles of hiking trails that meander through its woodlands and along its breathtaking Lake Michigan shoreline. You can bring your own kayak or rent one onsite to explore its Turbine Point Nature Preserve, where fish-viewing platforms allow you to take in the sights and sounds of the scenic shoreline. Anglers can also head out on the mission's charter boat for an exciting day on the lake.

Tart Trail

The Tart Trail, is a great opportunity for those with a passion for the outdoors. Featuring a relatively flat surface and approximately nine miles of trailway, the range presents an ideal backdrop for biking expeditions. Along this unique corridor users can explore vistas from various heights, traverse numerous bridges and boardwalks, and explore parts of Grand Traverse County that visitors may have otherwise overlooked.

The Village at Grand Traverse Commons

The Village at Grand Traverse Commons, located in Grand Traverse County, Michigan, is a unique destination with plenty to do and see. Visitors to the area can explore the nearby parks and trails while taking in amazing views of Lake Michigan. Inside the buildings of the Commons are dozens of businesses offering a variety of entertaining experiences. From restaurants featuring the finest wines and food to local shops providing art, clothing, books and more.

Traverse Area Recreation Trail

The Traverse Area Recreation Trail located in Grand Traverse County, Michigan is a great way to explore this beautiful region. This trails system includes more than 20 miles of car-free paths that wind through forests, meadows and wetlands. Scenic views of West Grand Traverse Bay are complemented by the sights and sounds of various species of birds and other wildlife. With a growing list of amenities like benches, campsites and restrooms spaced along the trails.

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