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10 Waterfalls to Explore in Gogebic County

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Gogebic County

Gogebic County, Michigan is a beautiful, rural area located in the Upper Peninsula. It shares borders with Wisconsin, and its largest inland lake is Lake Gogebic. The county seat is Bessemer, and other cities include Wakefield, Ironwood and Iron River. Among the things to do here are hiking in Black River Harbor, skiing at Indianhead Mountain Resort, fishing on Lake Gogebic and dozens of outdoor adventures at Porcupine Mountains State Park. Despite being a rural area known for it's outdoor recre

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Waterfalls to Explore in Gogebic County

Gabbro Falls

Gabbro Falls, is a natural creation of Mother Nature. This incredible series of cascading waterfalls is tucked away in a peaceful and serene forest. Upon approach, it's easy to hear the calming sound of gushing water crashing onto the large boulder formations below. Visitors are able to observe the rocky mounds from designated trails that wind around and take in all the beauty of this outdoor paradise. It's also possible to take a dip on hot summer days in the cool crystal-clear pools.

Great Conglomerate Falls

Great Conglomerate Falls is a popular natural tourist attraction. A waterfall that cascades over smooth boulders into the Ontonagon River below, the view is breathtaking. Visitors can spend time combing the beach for colorful gems of agates hidden amongst the stones, or walk along nearby trails for more outdoor activities. People looking to explore further can visit Copper Peak Ski Flying hill nearby as well, providing an unforgettable aerial view of the region.

Manabezho Falls

Manabezho Falls is one of the state's most scenic and visited waterfalls. Located off of the M-28 highway in Neebish Township, the waterfall is accessible from either side of the US-2 bridge. The falls drop an impressive fifty feet down a rocky limestone escarpment, surrounded by lush hardwood forests. Visitors can hike to and explore the crest of Manabezho Falls. Boaters are also able to take advantage of its natural spectacle.

Manido Falls

Manido Falls, set within a wooded oasis of pines and hardwoods, the Falls are an impressive 30 feet high with a width of 150 feet. The waterfalls make a great picnic spot as they offer plenty of places to sit and take in the views. Visitors can admire the spectacular natural beauty while listening to the powerful cascading falls that thunder down the cliffs below. Being such an iconic landmark in Gogebic County, locals love visiting the area for hikes, trout fishing or simply just relaxing.

Nawadaha Falls

The stunning Nawadaha Falls, is one of the state's hidden gems. There are two falls at this spectacular location; the upper and lower falls. The upper fall stands 31 feet high and has a steep cascade that moves from an impressive pool below. Visitors can enjoy walking along trails built around a pond below, which leads to dramatic views of both the upper and lower falls. Additionally, there is a nice picnic spot at the top of the trail where visitors can have lunch or rest.

Potawatomi Falls

Potawatomi Falls on the Presque Isle River is a truly breathtaking site. The falls spill over a tiered glacial outwash and drop roughly 70 feet into the river below. The area around the falls is gorgeous and rich with wildlife like beavers, deer, bald eagles, and loons. Visitors come from all corners of the state to experience the cascading beauty of Potawatomi Falls, take advantage of its fishing opportunities, or just soak in the breathtaking views that are among some of Michigan's best.

Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls is one of the most beautiful natural waterfalls in the United States. With a total height of over forty feet and width of twenty-five feet, it takes your breath away when standing at its base. Its flat rock face creates a stunning effect with the cascading waters, drawing onlookers from miles around for an opportunity to witness this magnificent scene. Not only does its beauty draw crowds, but Rainbow Falls is also a popular fishing spot with Brown Trout calling it home.

Root Beer Falls

Root Beer Falls is one of the most beautiful natural falls in the state. Located within Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park and surrounded by lush, green hills and forests, it's a picturesque spot that can be visited in any season. An easy 0.2 mile hike will get you to the top of the falls where you can experience the spray or take a dip in its crystal-clear waters on warm days. The sound of cascading water falling down into two 35-foot pools is both soothing and invigorating.

Sandstone Falls

Sandstone Falls is perhaps the most iconic waterfall in the area. Formed around 1.2 billion years ago, it boasts an impressive 15-foot drop cascading into a deep, clear pool. In summer months, visitors can take a dip in the pool at the bottom of the falls as they are surrounded by native Northern hardwood and evergreen forests. There's even beach access for optimal sunbathing opportunities!

Yondota Falls

Yondota Falls is a beautiful spot filled with spectacular views. This gorgeous waterfall is the tallest in the state of Michigan, standing at an impressive height of 35 feet! The water cascades down sandstone rocks, making it the perfect destination for outdoor adventurers who want to experience a breathtaking sight. Visitors to Yondota Falls can take in its beauty while relaxing on the banks of its cool, shimmering pools or they can hike around and explore further upstream.

Map of Waterfalls to explore in Gogebic County