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St. Clair County is located in southwestern Illinois and is home to over 275,000 people. The county is known for its rich history, which goes all the way back to the French colonization era. It was also a major hub for Native Americans prior to and during that time, due to its location along the Mississippi River and because of its abundance of natural resources. Today, St. Clair County remains a vibrant community which features numerous historical landmarks, such as Cahokia Mounds and Fort de C

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Cahokia Courthouse

Cahokia Courthouse

Iconic Buildings

Old Ruins

Cahokia Courthouse is a prominent icon of American history. Built in 1858, the structure is of Italianate style featuring rich trim and an impressive cupola. The grounds are adorned with historically significant statuary, such as Lewis and Clark, Tecumseh, Marquette and LaSalle. Inside the building one can find an elaborate rotunda along with an original stained glass window depicting Cahokia's Native American heritage.

Cathedral of Saint Peter

CathedraI of Saint Peter, is a Roman Catholic church and parish community dedicated to the patron saint of fishermen and sailors. Built in 1899, it has been iconic for over a century, and with its twin steeples, commanding brick facade, and historic bow-style stained glass windows it certainly is both beautiful and imposing. This cathedral offers a range of programming including Masses, Baptisms & Confirmations services all year round as well as hosting summer picnics.

Catholic Diocese of Belleville

The Catholic Diocese of Belleville, was established in the late 1850s and currently features 75 schools. It is responsible for providing spiritual guidance and support to over 200,000 members from 25 counties in Southwestern Illinois. The diocese also offers several ministries, including youth ministry and Faith formation as well as social service programs such as its annual Christmas night of giving. Furthermore, the diocese also lends aid to high schools in Belleville.

Eads Bridge

Eads Bridge Built in 1874 by James B. Eads, it remains the oldest steel bridge over the Mississippi River, having been declared a National Historic Landmark in 1964. Spanning nearly 2,500 feet across the Missouri-Illinois border and resting on massive limestone piers topped with Corinthian columns and black granite coping stones, Eads Bridge has remained an impressive feat of engineering for over 140 years.

GCS Credit Union Ballpark

GCS Credit Union Ballpark is a massive venue for recreational activities and entertainment. The capacity of 8,000 makes it the largest minor league baseball park in the country and provides enough room for all members of the community to attend family-friendly events. The ballpark has hosted a number of sporting competitions, concerts, and other events for residents to take part in over the years. It is also home to several retail stores and offers space for dining and leisurely activities.

Horner Park

Horner Park offers residents and visitors alike a wide variety of activities for all ages. The sprawling greenspace serves as the perfect spot for picnics, strolls, hikes, sports games, and fishing. During the summer months, visitors can cool off in the two Olympic sized pools. There are ample opportunities to enjoy nature with trails winding through woodlands that host unique flora and fauna. Year-round guests can take part in organized youth sports leagues, rent boats and kayaks.

Jarrot Mansion

Jarrot Mansion

Iconic Buildings

Jarrot Mansion is a spectacular display of 19th-century architecture. Originally constructed in 1815-1817 by French settler William Jarrot, the mansion has been restored to feel like its original glory days. The exterior boasts ornate classical detailing including gabled dormers and snowball wood trim. Inside, visitors are dazzled with the welcoming atmosphere and grand décor of the Federal-style house; complete with hardwood floors, original artworks, and furnishings from the 19th-century era.

Katherine Dunham Museum

The Katherine Dunham Museum is an incredible tribute to one of the most influential African American dancers and choreographers of the 20th century, Katherine Dunham. Located in East St. Louis, the museum houses a priceless collection of rare photographs, music recordings, costumes and memorabilia that allow visitors to get an up close look at Dunham's life and legacy. Additionally, visitors can also enjoy educational programming such as lectures and workshops.

MacArthur Bridge

MacArthur Bridge


Old Ruins

The MacArthur Bridge connects St. Clair County, Illinois, to Missouri via the Mississippi River. Construction on the bridge began in October of 2017 and at a cost of $26 million, it was opened for general public use in April 2019. Spanning 4,280 feet across the mighty Mississippi, the bridge has been named after General Douglas MacArthur to honor his achievements and contributions to American military history during World War II.

Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park

Malcolm W. Martin Memorial park offers visitors an array of interesting amenities, from scenic walking trails alongside the Mississippi River to interactive educational displays attuned to the region's Native American heritage. Other attractions include the Observation Center situated atop the 300-foot tall Gateway Geyser that offers panoramic views of downtown St. Louis, as well as hockey and ice skating rinks alongside basketball courts and a two-acre golf course.

Martin-Boismenue House State Historic Site

The Martin-Boismenue House State Historic Site offers a glimpse into the past. Built in 1840, the original structure underwent modifications in 1906 and more recently was restored to its original appearance. This site offers a unique look at historical architecture, and visitors can explore many of the period features such as 19th century wallpapers, woodworking patterns and interior finishes. The grounds feature expansive gardens and two orchards full of native fruit trees.

Mississippi River Overlook

The Mississippi River Overlook is a must-see destination! With its panoramic views of the mighty Mississippi river, hikers and photographers alike can enjoy breath-taking shots of the wildlife that inhabits the area. From cedar trees and tall grasses to migrating hawks and blue herons, one can easily find wonder in its serene landscape. Access to the overlook is made easy with its roughly two kilometer long trail filled with gravel pathways, perfect for leisurely walks or spirited jogs.

National Building Arts Center

National Building Arts Center

Iconic Buildings

Art Centres

The National Building Arts Center is a unique destination that combines education and hands-on workshops with rich local history. Featuring rotating exhibitions and interactive activities for all ages, the Center seeks to promote both traditional building practices as well as innovative technologies in architecture and construction. Established in 2018, this family-friendly stop on the Great Rivers Heritage Trail has already provided educational programming to more than 3,000 visitors.

National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows

The National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, is an awe-inspiring experience for Catholics and non-Catholics alike. At the core of this special place lies its spiritual mission to honor Mary, the mother of Jesus, as a symbol of peace and strength. Additionally, it serves to bring people together in prayer and devotion, offering retreats and celebrations throughout the year. The primary feature of the shrine is a replica three-meter tall statue of Mary flanked by white doves.

Spivey Building

Spivey Building

Iconic Buildings

The Spivey Building is an iconic structure on the banks of the Mississippi River. It boasts a beautifully curved facade and an impressive portico with six columns at its entrance. Inside, the building contains various spaces and amenities, including courtrooms and offices for attorneys, judges, staff members and other personnel related to the legal profession. The Spivey Building is also home to many arts organizations such as theaters and galleries affiliated with performing arts.

St. Clair Square

St. Clair Square


Man-made Structures- Other

St. Clair Square is the regional shopping hub located conveniently off of Interstate 64, this shopping destination has something for everyone! Featuring more than 130 shops and eateries, it provides an ideal location for both retail aficionados and casual shoppers alike. From fashion, beauty, home goods and more, you're sure to find what you need at St. Clair Square. For those looking for a bite to eat after a long day of shopping, there are plenty of dining options.

Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge

The Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge located in St. Clair County, Illinois. Spanning the Mississippi River it connects St. Louis, Missouri and East St. Louis, Illinois and is the first highway suspension bridge in Illinois with six lanes of traffic. The main span measures 835 feet and consists of two towers each rising 243 feet above the road deck which sit on foundations driven 25 to 39 feet into bedrock below the riverbed.

William and Florence Schmidt Art Center

This is a landmark that celebrates art in the local community. The center organizes exhibitions from both international and local artists, aiming to promote a collaborative atmosphere of creativity. Established in 2003, this institution has been a cornerstone for artistic education as well as providing interactive activities for families. The galleries offer free admission, making it easily accessible to anyone who wants to explore the vast array of artwork presented with each new show.

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