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Monroe County, Illinois is an exceptional place to visit and live. Situated in the southwestern region of the state, Monroe County is chock full of fun things to do in every season, from rafting and kayaking on the Mississippi River, to enjoying fall colors along its many hiking trails. Home to thousands of bald eagles each year, the area also boasts innumerable other wildlife species like rare songbirds, migrating waterfowl and more. Amish communities settled here in the 19th century and remain

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Cliff Cave County Park

Cliff Cave County Park

Outdoors- Other

Cliff Cave County Park is an ideal spot for nature lovers. This beautiful location's main attraction is its eponymous cliff, which was created by an ancient river and provides amazing views of the valley below. The park also boasts several other amenities such as nearby walking trails, a picnic area complete with charcoal grills and picnic tables, a playground and a lagoon stocked with various types of fish. Plus, visitors have access to kayaking and canoeing on the lagoon.

Fults Hill Prairie Nature Preserve

Fults Hill Prairie Nature Preserve is a rare example of an intact remnant of tallgrass prairie. Located along the Mississippi River bluffs, this preserved piece of land harbors more than 400 species of plants and animals, some that are endangered or threatened. Visitors can explore the preserve on their own by following the 3-mile self-guided hiking trail, where they can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Illinois Caverns

Illinois Caverns, is one of the few caves in the state. It offers a unique opportunity to explore a subterranean world like no other in the Midwest. The caverns are around 525-million and 800-million years old with rooms as large as 30 feet wide and 20 feet high that have never been fully explored! Featuring spectacular formations such as stalagmites, straws, and popcorn - as well as fossils dating back 140 million years - Illinois Caverns is an educational and immersive experience.

Jefferson Barracks Bridge

The Jefferson Barracks Bridge, is a two-lane steel truss bridge that spans the Mississippi River. Construction began on the bridge in 1932 and it was opened to traffic in 1934. It’s a beautiful sight to see that has since become part of the cultural heritage of Monroe County with its graceful arches stretching across the river. Today, the bridge continues to be an important transportation link for banking, commercial and recreational activities between Missouri and Illinois.

Peterstown House

Peterstown House

Iconic Buildings

Peterstown House built in the mid-1800s for a prominent farmer, it stands true to its roots - aesthetically and historically. In 1972, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. It has not only withstood centuries of neglect, but is still managing to retain much of its original look. While no longer a private residence, Peterstown House has become a museum open to the public so people can take in the unique experience mixed with fascinating history that it offers.

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