17 Off-road Spots to Explore in United States

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Off-road Spots to Explore in United States

Arizona Peace Trail

The Arizona Peace Trail is a new 675-mile long looped OHV Adventure Trail which links Mojave, La Paz, and Yuma Counties in western Arizona.It reaches from Yuma to Kingman and back and contains a variety of climates and difficulties for all sorts of off-road enthusiasts.

Bear Lake Road

Bear Lake Road is a 10.5 mile drive from the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center starts at 7,840 ft and climbs up to Bear Lake at 9,475 ft.Along the way, you’ll pass trailheads for hiking trails, picnic areas, campgrounds, the Moraine Park Museum and Sprague Lake. There is a large picnic area and The road ends in the Bear Lake parking lot.

Boulder Canyon Drive

This is Colorado’s oldest scenic byway, established in 1918. The route winds 55 miles in and out of national forest lands through some of the state’s most striking mountain landscapes and is very easily accessible from Boulder and Denver. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 8 h 0 min to complete. This is a very popular area for scenic driving, so you'll likely encounter other people while exploring.

Chinaman Gulch

Chinaman Gulch is a very popular, difficult rock crawling trail best suited for modified vehicles. Minimal snow to the area makes it an ideal location for winter wheeling. There are many obstacles and rocks to play on along this 4wd trail, many of which provide multiple lines from easy to hard. Although not very scenic, the occasional views of the Collegiate Peaks are astonishing.

Coolidge Dam

Coolidge Dam is a concrete multiple dome and buttress dam located on the Gila River in Arizona, United States. It was opened in the 1930s to provide irrigation water for the surrounding region. The dam is 249 feet tall and 580 feet long and impounds the waters of the Gila River to form San Carlos Reservoir.

Hungry Valley

Hungry Valley is a valley located along the northern border of Los Angeles and Ventura counties. it is an off-road vehicle recreation area administered by the California Department of Parks and Recreation. With over 130 mi of marked off-road trails across over 19,000 acres of protected land, Hungry Valley SVRA is the second largest vehicular recreation area in California.

Lookout Mountain Road

Lookout Mountain stands more than 7,300 feet above Golden, just west of downtown. Known for its beautiful natural splendor and breathtaking views, a hike or drive up to its peak will be worth every moment. Between everything this area has to offer and it’s close proximity to Denver, it’s ideal for spontaneous weekend jaunts and longer overnight trips alike. Drive or bike the road or hike the trail to reach the top and overlook Colorado’s vast plains.

Matterhorn Creek Trailhead

This trailhead provides access to the south sides of Wetterhorn Peak and Matterhorn Peak. Uncompahgre Peak can also be accessed from this trailhead.Camping is permitted along Henson Creek Road 9.2 miles outside of the town of Lake City.

Mosquito Pass

Mosquito Pass is one of the highest mountain passes in the state of Colorado. It’s a dangerous route that can only be accessed by an unpaved 4×4 road nicknamed “The Highway of Frozen Death”. One of the highest passes in the state, Mosquito Pass can be traversed only on foot, on an offroad motorcycle or with a proper four-wheel drive. It lies on the boundary between Lake and Park counties between Leadville and Fairplay.

Nellie Creek Trailhead

A good trekking destination located in the heart of Hisdale forests and is generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 4 h 27 min to complete. This trail is great for birding, trail running, and walking.

Old Fall River Road

Old Fall River Road is the name of a narrow one-lane dirt road with perilous heights located in Larimer County, in the U.S. state of Colorado. This Road climbs almost to the same height as Trail Ridge, but does so via an unpaved road. The road ends at 3.602m above the sea level. Typically, the road is open by the Fourth of July weekend and closes for the season on October.

Peak 9 Road

Peak 9 Road is a scenic byway located in Summit County, Colorado. The road winds through the Rocky Mountains, offering stunning views of the surrounding scenery. Along the way, visitors can enjoy several attractions including the Continental Divide Visitor Center, Hoosier Pass, and the towns of Breckenridge and Keystone. Peak 9 Road is open year-round, although conditions can be treacherous in winter. However, the road is well-maintained and offers a safe and enjoyable experience.

Phantom Canyon Road

Phantom Canyon Road is one of the most scenic and historic drives in Colorado, in the Western United States. This unpaved scenic road connects Cañon City and Victor, going through Phantom Canyon and increases in elevation from 5,500 to 9,500 feet.The road is part of the Gold Belt Scenic Byway. The route contains many narrow roads and high wooden bridges. The road is popularly used for mountain biking and off-roading.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

It is about 15 miles (24 km) west of Las Vegas, and is easily seen from the Las Vegas Strip. More than two million people visit the area each year. The conservation area showcases a set of large red rock formations: a set of sandstone peaks and walls called the Keystone Thrust. The walls are up to 3,000 feet (910 m) high, making them a popular hiking and rock climbing destination. The highest point is La Madre Mountain, at 8,154 feet (2,485 m).

Rio Grande Pyramid

A majestic summit in the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado. The peak is in the Weminuche Wilderness of the San Juan National Forest northeast of Durango. It is a remote Class 2 rock pile with passenger car access and either a very long, round trip day hike or a short backpack that would allow time to pick up other 13er summits. On this trip, you get to see some outstanding Weminuche Wilderness area.

Slide Lake

Slide Lake is a beautiful Alpine Lake situated at 11,740' in elevation. The area is flanked on the Southwest by Homestake Peak, and half of the lake is part of the Holy Cross Wilderness Area. Slide Lake and the surrounding area are​ popular among hikers, anglers, offroaders, and those looking to seek Wilderness Areas' solitude.

Smuggler Mountain Road

Smuggler Mountain Road is a winding, mountainous road located in Pitkin County. The road is popular with tourists and locals alike, as it offers stunning views of the valley below. However, the road can be treacherous during winter weather, and it is not recommended for inexperienced drivers. The road is also home to a number of businesses, including a restaurant, a gas station, and a small grocery store. Despite its challenges, Smuggler Mountain Road is a beautiful and enjoyable drive.

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