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37 Waterfalls to explore in United States

United States

Third largest and third most populous country in the world. Size-wise, it is almost as large as the continent of Europe.

'Opaeka'a Falls
'Opaeka'a Falls'Opaeka'a Falls, Wailua Homesteads, HI 96746, USA

This stunning 151-foot tall waterfalls one of the Kauai island major accessible waterfalls. This convenient stop offers visitors a great view from a scenic lookout and access to picnic tables and restrooms.

Adams Falls
Adams FallsAdams Falls, Colorado 80510, USA

Adams Falls is a beautiful waterfall, named after Jay E. Adams who was an earlier settler of the town of Grand Lake, that feeds into Grand Lake. Adams Falls is one of the most popular attractions to take in in Grand County.It was essentially a tumbling cascade with a cumulative drop of around 50-60ft on the East Inlet, which was one of the major streams feeding the namesake Grand Lake.

Agnes Vaille Waterfall
Agnes Vaille WaterfallNathrop, CO 81236, USA

Agnes Vaille Falls is nestled in the mountainside of Chalk Creek Canyon, south of Buena Vista. It requires a short, uphill hike to the falls.This trail is, however, still being taken today, as there are no officials signs stating it is still closed. Social media shows much activity on the once closed trail.

Akaka Falls State Park
Akaka Falls State Park875 Akaka Falls Rd, Honomu, HI 96728, USA

This is a beautiful state park which was located in Hawaii. It comprises of so many huge trees and a vast collection of flora and fauna. The main highlight of this state park is the 442 feet high waterfalls named Akaka. The falls can be viewed from several points along a loop trail through the park. This park is a good trekking destination and also an escape from a busy life.

Alberta Falls
Alberta FallsAlberta Falls, Estes Park, CO 80517, USA

Alberta Falls is a 30-foot waterfall located in Rocky Mountain National Park. The falls are accessible via a short hike from the Bear Lake trailhead, and the area is popular with both hikers and photographers. The falls flow over a bed of metamorphic rock, and the water is cold even in summer due to its source high in the Rockies. Visitors can see a variety of plant life in the area, including aspen and Douglas fir trees. Wildlife is also common.

Ash Creek Falls
Ash Creek FallsAsh Creek Falls, Arizona 85543, USA

Ash Creek Falls is one of the finest falls in California. It is set far back in Ash Creek Canyon as the waterfall makes a huge scene, gushing over the cliff in a strong freefall. The water hits a rocky area and creates a a big shower. The waterfall is 330 feet high and is a combination of Mud Creek Falls and Whitney Falls. It does not have as much volume as Mud Creek Falls, but it has plenty of power.

Beatson Falls
Beatson FallsButte Valley, CA 95965, USA

A beautiful waterfalls located in the heart of Butte county. It is one of two waterfalls in Beatson Hollow. North Table Mountain, created by ancient lava flows, is an elevated basalt mesa with beautiful views of mountains, spring wildflowers, waterfalls, and lava outcrops.One particularly popular activity to enjoy near the parking area is kite flying. There is also opportunities for trekking and so many other activities too.

Boulder Falls
Boulder FallsBoulder Falls, Colorado 80466, USA

Boulder Falls is a stunning waterfall that makes a perfect day hike for those around the Denver Metro. Boulder Falls is a stunning waterfall that makes a perfect day hike for those around the Denver Metro.

Calypso Cascades
Calypso CascadesCalypso Cascades, Colorado 80510, USA

Calypso Cascades is an easy 3.6 mile hike to one of several waterfall destinations in the Wild Basin of Rocky Mountain National Park. it is one of the iconic attraction here and is very beautiful to see.

Darwin Falls
Darwin FallsDarwin Falls, California, USA

A beautiful waterfall of greenery located on the west edge of the Death Valley desert.The falls are located in a small, narrow valley near Panamint Valley. Access to the trail to Darwin Falls is a dirt road located on the south side of State Route 190, approximately .25 miles west of Panamint Springs. Darwin Falls and Creek are fed by the Darwin Wash, which is in turn fed by the volcanic tableland of the Darwin Bench between the Inyo Mountains and the Argus Range.

Falls Park on the Reedy
Falls Park on the Reedy601 S Main St, Greenville, SC 29601, USA

Falls Park on the Reedy is located in downtown Greenville's Historic West End. It is one of Greenville's greatest treasures. The park serves as an oasis within the city - a place where people gather to work, play and celebrate life.

Feather Falls
Feather FallsFeather Falls, CA 95966, USA

Feather Falls is a Northern CA, Yosemite-style waterfall without the crowds, featuring a 410-foot drop in a dramatic Sierra Nevada setting. The falls can be partially seen from the middle arm of Lake Oroville but are usually observed from a platform accessed by either of two trails maintained by the United States Forest Service.

Finlay Park
Finlay Park930 Laurel St, Columbia, SC 29201, USA

It is the largest and most visited park in downtown Columbia, South Carolina opened in 1991. the prime attraction in the park is a beautiful waterfall along with cascading mountain type stream falling to the park lake along with so many attractions.

Fossil Springs wilderness
Fossil Springs wilderness Strawberry, AZ 85544, USA

Fossil Springs Wilderness is an 11,550-acre wilderness area within the Coconino National Forest in the U.S. state of Arizona. It is at the bottom of a steep canyon at the edge of the Colorado Plateau, just south of the Mogollon Rim. Here, water emerges at the surface at the rate of about 2,700 cubic feet per minute. The perennial water supply supports one of the most diverse riparian ecosystems in the state, with more than 30 species of trees set among native desert shrub.

Hamilton Pool
Hamilton PoolHamilton Pool, Texas 78620, USA

A natural pool that was created when the dome of an underground river collapsed due to massive erosion thousands of years ago. It has been a popular summer swimming spot for Austin visitors and residents. Hamilton Pool Preserve consists of 232 acres of protected natural habitat featuring a jade green pool into which a 50-foot waterfall flows.

Havasu Falls
Havasu FallsSupai, AZ 86435, USA

Havasu Waterfalls is one of the most stunningly beautiful waterfalls located in the Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States. It is the more famous and most visited of the various falls along Havasu Creek. It consists of one main chute that drops over a 90-to-100-foot vertical cliff into a series of plunge pools.

Helen Hunt Falls
Helen Hunt FallsHelen Hunt Falls, Colorado 80906, USA

Helen Hunt Falls is a waterfall located on Cheyenne Creek in the North Cheyenne Cañon Park of Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is a gorgeous place for a hike or picnic. The Columbine Trail, which starts at the entrance of the Park by the Starsmore Visitor and Nature Center, terminates at Helen Hunt Falls. Visitors can hike a short distance of about 2/3 of a mile up a moderately steep trail above Helen Hunt Falls to reach Silver Cascade Falls.

Hollow Falls
Hollow FallsButte Valley, CA 95965, USA

Hollow Falls is a waterfall in Butte County.Formed by ancient lava flows, the underlying basalt rock on the mesa holds water, resulting in spectacular annual wildflower blooms, stunning vernal pools, and dramatic but fleeting waterfalls. This is a popular trail for hiking, walking, and other nature trips, but you can still enjoy some solitude during quieter times of day.

Madera Waterfalls
Madera WaterfallsGreen Valley, AZ 85614, USA

Madeira waterfalls are some of the most magnificent and jaw-dropping waterfalls in the Atlantic Ocean. Their height, which is usually over 100 meters makes them one of the most gigantic waterfalls around.

Manawaiopuna Falls
Manawaiopuna FallsManawaiopuna Falls, Hawaii 96741, USA

This is a privately owned waterfall that was in the Hawaiian islands. Its around 122 meters tall and It is only accessible by helicopter which was inside a dense forest.

Map of Waterfalls to explore in United States