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2 Iconic Buildings to Explore in Fayette County

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Fayette County

Fayette County, Illinois is a rural area located in the center of the state and is home to just under 20,000 residents. It enjoys a rich agricultural history, having been established in 1821 by pioneers who first arrived via the Cumberland Trail. The people are friendly and welcoming, and there is an enjoyable atmosphere throughout the county. Despite its small size, Fayette County boasts numerous attractions such as historical sites, delightful wineries and vineyards, shopping centers where vis

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Iconic Buildings to Explore in Fayette County

Little Brick House

Little Brick House is a historical landmark that continues to amaze people. This impressive abode was built in 1837 by Samuel Moore and it served as a courthouse until 1981. The structure is made of Cream City brick, has rectangular windows, a frieze with raised lettering around the top and Greek Revival styling throughout. From its red double doors to the slanting roof and oculus window above them, Little Brick House stands proud not just as a testament to its own time but also to ours.

Vandalia State House Memorial

The Vandalia State House Memorial stands as a physical reminder of the important role played in the early growth and shaping of America. Built in 1836 and reconstructed in 1952, the monument is located on the original site of the first state capitol of Illinois. This historic location gives visitors to Fayette County unique insight into what life was like in the mid-1800s. The memorial is open to the public without charge and contains an 11-foot bronze statue of Shadrach Bond.

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