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Clinton County, Illinois is a charming rural county situated in the southwestern portion of the state. The landscape is lush and inviting with rolling hills, lush forests, and bright green fields. The county's major industries include corn, soybean and hay farming as well as oil production. You'll find several small towns scattered throughout the area where you can explore some of the local significance such as New Baden, Centralia, and Almeman. In these quaint towns you can also find some uniqu

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Carlyle Dam

Built in 1973, Carlyle Dam is a 5,170-foot earthen dam on the Kaskaskia River in Clinton county, Illinois. It is one of the largest manmade lakes in the United States and is recognised as an excellent fishing spot. The lake formed by the reservoir has a surface area of 25,000 acres, making it ideal for outdoor recreation and wildlife habitat. Utilising the dam's hydroelectric power plant, Carlyle Lake Power Plant provides electric power to several cities in Illinois as well as Missouri.

Carlyle Lake

Carlyle Lake

Lake/ River/ Ponds

Carlyle Lake, is an excellent place to explore the outdoors. It provides numerous recreational opportunities such as fishing, swimming and boating. Visitors can also challenge their skills on the multi-use trails in the area while enjoying the breathtaking views of nature and learning more about the rich cultural history of the area. With a variety of campsites nearby, it is easy to spend a night or two at Carlyle Lake and its abundance of activities make it a perfect destination for families.

Dam East Recreation Area - South Shore Park

The Dam East Recreation Area is the perfect place to go and have a great time outdoors. This recreation area boasts multiple activities including hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, camping and much more. Visitors can explore the peaceful nature trails or go for a scenic ride on their bike around the lake. The lake also offers prime fishing opportunities with stocked seasonally with carp, bass, bluegill and catfish. Dam East also has an excellent campsite.

General Dean Bridge

The General Dean Bridge is a single lane bridge that has become a local landmark. Constructed in 1901 and spanning over 320 feet in length, this bridge stands as one of the oldest extant bridges in the region. The structure was created with pin-connected Pratt through truss design, which enabled pedestrians to simply walk into the middle of the river without any risk of falling. Today, it is hailed as an iconic symbol of both past and present.

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