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About Bureau County

Bureau County, Illinois is located in the northwestern part of the state. It borders the Iowa border which helps shape its predominantly rural landscape. Founded in 1837, Bureau County is home to a variety of beautiful natural areas and historic sites. Local attractions include the Nahant Marsh Wildlife Preserve, where visitors can explore nature with paddling and walking trails, as well as take a guided tour at the Hugo M. Overlook Visitor Center. For those interested in native wildlife and pla

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List of Attractions in Bureau County

Donnelley Wildlife Area

Donnelley Wildlife Area

Wildlife Sanctuaries

The Donnelley Wildlife Area is an expansive natural area of over 4,000 acres. It is run by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and includes a variety of activities for outdoor enthusiasts. There are various game trails, wetlands, and wooded areas to explore and admire the local wildlife including white tail deer, wild turkey, quail, dove, and fox squirrels. Fishing can be done at many of the ponds so anglers can target bass and other common game fish species.

Hennepin Canal Parkway State Park

Hennepin Canal Parkway State Park, is a cultural and recreational oasis covering nearly 70 miles of the Hennepin Canal. Along the gravel towpath that traverses it, travelers may find remnants of Illinois' 19th century industrial history as well as hunting grounds, wildlife reserves, fishing spots and camping areas. The diverse landscape also includes numerous picnic areas and 27 scenic bridges—many listed on the National Register of Historic Places—that offer spectacular overlooks along the way.

Owen Lovejoy House

Owen Lovejoy House

Iconic Buildings

The Owen Lovejoy House is the former home of prominent abolitionist and pastor, Owen Lovejoy. He was a leader in the Underground Railroad movement and used his house to hide escaped slaves on their way North. In 1864, the house became a state historic site, and it is currently preserved to look much as it did when Lovejoy was alive. There are period furnishings as well several informative exhibits that honor the legacy of Owen Lovejoy.

Princeton Park District

The Princeton Park District is home to numerous recreational activities for all ages as well as fourteen parks and trails. Whether it’s participating in outdoor sports such as golfing, or getting up close to nature on a beautiful afternoon walk, It offers something for everyone. Its fourteen parks span over 259 acres and feature playgrounds, tennis courts, and fishing lakes for family fun. It also boasts two indoor facilities with high-quality amenities including gymnasiums and meeting areas.

Red Covered Bridge

Red Covered Bridge


Old Ruins

The Red Covered Bridge is an amazing piece of history and architecture. Built in 1882 by local craftsman, this covered bridge stands as a testament to the resourcefulness of early colonists. The two-span 160-foot bridge is made of oak and pine with iron tension rods to offer additional support. The bridge painted its signature red color when it was rebuilt in 2004 after being washed away during a major flood in 2001.

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For more information about Bureau County, visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bureau_County,_Illinois