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Adams County - 6 Attractions You Must Visit


About Adams County

Adams County, Illinois is an idyllic county located in the Western region of the state. It is mostly rural, spanning 673 square miles with a population of 66,891 people as of 2019. Primarily agricultural in nature, it is home to generous fields and rolling plains viewed by many as a great backdrop for outdoor recreation. Those who live in Adams County can enjoy all that rural living has to offer thanks to its plethora of parks and trails maintained by the County’s Department of Parks & Trails. W

Types of Attractions in Adams County

List of Attractions in Adams County

Indian Mounds Park

Indian Mounds Park

Outdoors- Other

Indian Mounds Park is an incredible spot to explore the history and culture of Native American tribes. Located along the Great Mississippi River, just west of Quincy, it's one of only two such mounds in the state. There are a total of 11 mounds that make up the park, ranging from 3 to 40 feet tall and varying in size. Along with the mounds, visitors will find interpretive displays to help learn about what life was like for those who once lived here.

John Wood Mansion

John Wood Mansion

Iconic Buildings

Old Ruins

This is one of the finest examples of Federal-style architecture in the region. Built in 1835 by master craftsmen that were brought to the area expressly for this purpose, the two-story house with its two front parlors and four corner rooms was a sight to behold. While it has gone through several renovations throughout its life, it is still very much the same house that stood nearly 200 years ago. The interior remains largely unchanged and retains much of its original character.

Quincy Bayview Bridge

This is a stunningly beautiful structure that spans the Mississippi River. Built in 1926, it stands as a reminder of the area's industrial past; it was once an important crossing point for railroad and automobile traffic. In recent years, the bridge has been preserved and stabilized to ensure its longevity. The bridge's iconic lattice trusses draw the eye and serve as a reminder of simpler times. The views of the river and Quincy cityscape from atop the bridge are not to be missed!

Quincy Museum

The Quincy Museum, is the perfect destination for history buffs looking to explore the region's rich past. From its humble beginnings as just a collection of historical artifacts stored away in 1927, the museum has been transformed into an interactive educational experience. Visitors have access to Civil War and Immigrant Stories Dioramas as well as various local artifacts from the 19th century. Guests can also learn about Abraham Lincoln’s life and legal career via interactive displays.

Siloam Springs State Park

Siloam Springs State Park, is a one-of-a-kind outdoor recreation experience for locals and travelers alike. Filled with lush, scenic views of its unique sandstone canyons, the park is perfect for hiking along its 6 mile trail system. Visitors can go fishing in its two stocked lakes or enjoy swimming at the beach area near the campground. The park also provides visitors with accessible picnic facilities, playgrounds and a nature center offering educational programs about local flora and fauna.

Villa Kathrine

Villa Kathrine

Iconic Buildings

Villa Kathrine is an amazing display of architecture constructed nearly thirty years ago, it still stands strong with its sprawling grounds, manicured gardens and vibrant tones that adorn the walls and turrets. From a distance, you can see the multi-colored towers distinguishable throughout Adams County. A popular tourist attraction for many who visit the quaint village, Villa Kathrine draws in visitors from all over to experience its grandeur.

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