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Wilkes County, Georgia, is a small but vibrant county located in the northeastern corner of the state. The county enjoys a mild climate with poor soil that makes it heavily reliant on agriculture for economic stability. Alongside agriculture, Wilkes County is also home to a growing manufacturing industry. Some of the notable attractions include Washington-Wilkes Historical Museum and Tenille Arboretum, which offer insight into Wilkes County's cultural heritage and history. The county provides ma

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Blue Ridge National Heritage Area

Blue Ridge National Heritage Area, a scenic region known for its incredible natural beauty. This 8,500-square-mile region encompasses three distinct mountain ranges - the Unicoi, Green and Nantahala -- as well as charming towns and rural farms that showcase traditional 19th century Appalachian culture and practices. Visitors can go exploring through orchards and small villages in this unique American landscape and get a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of southern Appalachia.

Callaway Plantation

Callaway Plantation

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Callaway Plantation, is a historical landmark. Built by Reverend Abraham Callaway in 1792 as his family residence, the plantation stands as a reminder of southern history. There are 18 buildings on the site, all of which have been carefully restored and preserved. Touring the plantation offers visitors a glimpse into what life was like at an antebellum plantation in the 19th century. The manor houses contain numerous works of art, furniture and antiques from various eras.

Robert Toombs House Historic Site

Robert Toombs House Historic Site

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Old Ruins

The Robert Toombs House Historic Site is a great place to explore the history of Wilkes county. Located on land that was formerly part of Toombs' cotton plantation, the site includes six original buildings on the 40-acre property such as slave cabins, an overseer's house, and Toombs' 1820s Georgian house. The museum experts provide insightful tours through the collection of artifacts inside the home which were used by Toombs and his family during their time there.

Washington Historical Museum

The Washington Historical Museum is a fascinating destination for those interested in learning about the history of the area. It houses thousands of artifacts from different times throughout the county's long history, including some from the Revolutionary War period and other wars. Additionally, visitors can take part in guided tours and learn about historical events such as slavery and civil rights as well as agriculture and local industries that were prominent over the years.

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For more information about Wilkes County, visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilcox_County,_Georgia