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Iconic Buildings to Explore in Walton County

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Walton County

Walton County is a picturesque landscape that offers plenty of recreational activities. From rivers, lakes, hiking trails and plenty of picnic areas, it holds great opportunities for exploring the outdoors. The area's towns are filled with American Southern charm and play host to some of the best festivals around. Cultural attractions include local museums and historical sites that offer an insight into the county's fascinating past. City life is represented by the many shops, restaurants and ni

Iconic Buildings to Explore in Walton County

McDaniel-Tichenor House

The McDaniel-Tichenor House, was built in the 1840s by Dr. William and Mary Tichenor. This two-story house served as their family residence until 1865 when it was purchased by Benjamin McDaniel who, along with his wife Frances Jones, resided at the property for four decades. The house is a classic example of Greek revival architecture featuring plastered walls and columns on the front and back facades.

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