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Monuments to Explore in Walker County

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Walker County

Walker County is situated within the northwest corner of the great state of Georgia. The county was originally named after Freeman Walker, a senator of the Confederate States during the American Civil War. Today, Walker County is home to a vibrant population of over 68,000 people who give it its unique culture and charm. From Lookout Mountain to Dutton Springs State Park, there's plenty explore in this region of Georgia. Industry plays an important role in the local economy with manufacturing an

Monuments to Explore in Walker County

Wilder Brigade Monument

The Wilder Brigade Monument is a historic marker that remembers those volunteers who fought for the Confederate cause during the American Civil War. The monument was erected to honor the brave men from Georgia’s 12th Infantry Regiment, who courageously served under Major General John T. Wilder between 1862 and 1864. The monument honors those fallen soldiers with a plaque containing their names, rank, and personal information—a poignant reminder of their selfless sacrifice.

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