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3 Iconic Buildings to Explore in Walker County

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Walker County

Walker County is situated within the northwest corner of the great state of Georgia. The county was originally named after Freeman Walker, a senator of the Confederate States during the American Civil War. Today, Walker County is home to a vibrant population of over 68,000 people who give it its unique culture and charm. From Lookout Mountain to Dutton Springs State Park, there's plenty explore in this region of Georgia. Industry plays an important role in the local economy with manufacturing an

Iconic Buildings to Explore in Walker County

Chief John Ross House

The Chief John Ross House, an iconic 1839 two-story Federal style home, stands as a tribute to the Cherokee nation's beloved principal chief. The house was built by noted architect and contractor Mr. Thomas Ennis for Chief John Ross. Inside the home is a grand staircase and mantelpieces made from local marble still remain. After being passed down through several generations of the Ross family, it was eventually acquired and restored by the Historic Chattahoochee Commission in 1982.

Marsh House

Marsh House, is a historic home that has been carefully preserved for over two centuries. At the time of its construction in 1822, it was the first brick house in the area and a fantastic example of pioneer architecture. The house was built by Hugh Marsh using handmade molded bricks which represent the work ethic and dedication of early settlers to the land. Inside, antique furniture, paintings and artifacts tell stories of family life during this period of history.

Wilder Tower

Wilder Tower is a unique symbol located in the town of Rock Spring. Standing at 58 feet high, this bell tower and gazebo combo is an iconic landmark for all those who visit the area. It was built from 1923-1925 by W.A. Davis, using granite quarried from nearby Stones Garden Cave. The tower’s four main walls have inscriptions inside them that read “Love", "Peace", "Truth" and “Freedom” in 4 different languages which reflect the county’s multicultural nature.

Map of Iconic Buildings to explore in Walker County