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3 Outdoors- Other to Explore in Walker County

Checkout places to visit in Walker County

Walker County

Walker County is situated within the northwest corner of the great state of Georgia. The county was originally named after Freeman Walker, a senator of the Confederate States during the American Civil War. Today, Walker County is home to a vibrant population of over 68,000 people who give it its unique culture and charm. From Lookout Mountain to Dutton Springs State Park, there's plenty explore in this region of Georgia. Industry plays an important role in the local economy with manufacturing an

Outdoors- Other to Explore in Walker County

Johns Mountain Wildlife Management Area

John's Mountain Wildlife Management Area, is a protected area that serves as an important habitat for local wildlife. The area features bluffs, majestic hills, and a mixed hardwood forest with coves and ravines, making it perfect for birds, deer and other small game. John's Mountain also provides outdoor recreation opportunities such as fishing, hunting, hiking and boating on the nearby Lake Arkaquah.

Keown Falls Picnic Area and Trailhead

Keown Falls Picnic Area and Trailhead is a beautiful and serene outdoor escape. Accessed from Keown Falls Road, the picnic site offers clean and spacious grounds for activities like eating a meal outside, frisbee throwing or kite flying. Nature lovers can also enjoy hidden trails accessible to the area that offer sights of waterfalls, rural fields and lakes. Whether travelers are looking to relax on a picnic blanket or explore a wooded trail, they’ll find something special here.

Lula Lake Land Trust

Lula Lake Land Trust is a breath of fresh air for nature-lovers. With over six miles of public trails and five spectacular waterfalls, this natural area offers an idyllic escape from the stresses of daily life. As a part of their mission to protect and restore the area’s natural resources, Lula Lake has made sure these areas remain inaccessible to motorized vehicles. Boasting a diverse array of flora and fauna, Lula Lake Land Trust is the perfect place to go.

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