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About Randolph County

Randolph County, Georgia is a small, rural county located approximately 100 miles southeast of Atlanta. It spans an area of one hundred seven square miles and is home to about 7,000 individuals. The county has five cities: Cuthbert, Scarboro, Shellman, Coleman, and Randolph. Agriculture is one of the major industries here; cotton is the primary crop planted and harvested in Randolph County. Cotton farms have been abundant since before the Civil War and continue to thrive today. Livestock product

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List of Attractions in Randolph County

Fendall Hall

Fendall Hall

Iconic Buildings

Fendall Hall, is an historic destination that is sure to please visitors from all walks of life. This stunning structure was first constructed in 1824 and although it has undergone renovations since then, it remains true to its original design. Fendall Hall oozes charm and Southern hospitality, with a plethora of antebellum architectural features that are visible upon touring the building. The building itself stands as a symbol of American resilience and aristocratic elegance.

Providence Canyon State Park

This State Park with its signature red clay canyons that are up to 150 feet deep, the colorful landscapes are absolutely breathtaking. Visitors are invited to take part in canoeing and kayaking down the canyon or explore the trails while enjoying the wildlife. It is an excellent place to witness spectacular sunsets and catch unique species like birds and wildflowers. There's also a picturesque campground with plenty of sites to set up tents and enjoy activities such as fishing or swimming!

The Shorter Mansion

The Shorter Mansion

Iconic Buildings

Old Ruins

The Shorter Mansion, is an excellent example of 19th century grandeur. Built by cotton farmer Julius Shorter around 1863, the grand house has served as a symbol of the wealth created by agricultural production. Since then it served various uses including as a hospitalz and school for freed slaves during Reconstruction. Today it stands as one of the many preserved plantation homes scattered throughout the southern United States.

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For more information about Randolph County, visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randolph_County,_Georgia