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Muscogee County, Georgia is located near the Chattahoochee River with Columbus as its county seat. The county has a population of over 197,000 and is home to diverse communities and cultures. With neighborhoods like Uptown, Lakebottom Park, and Woodruff Farm, the area offers something special for everyone. From historical attractions such as some of the oldest buildings in town dating back to 1833 to modern landmarks like the Columbus Museum and Springer Opera House, Muscogee County has plenty t

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List of Attractions in Muscogee County

Bruce Avenue

Bruce Avenue

Outdoors- Other

Bruce Avenue is a vibrant and engaging street to explore. It stands out with its flourishing trees and well manicured lawns. The street runs through a charming neighborhood lined with historic homes ranging in architectural style from ranch to colonial. There are also several shops, restaurants and churches that offer delightful culture and cuisine for visitors to taste. Plus, the avenue has easy access to downtown Columbus for exploring more of the city’s attractions.

Chattahoochee River Walk

Chattahoochee River Walk

Outdoors- Other

Urban Walks

The Chattahoochee River Walk is an outdoor oasis that provides a pleasant escape from the city. Spanning over three miles, the trail offers breathtaking views of the Chattahoochee River and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as fishing, biking, canoeing, kayaking, and bird watching. There are also several designated picnic areas along the route and well-shaded rest stops offering much needed respite from the summer heat.

Columbus Historic District

The Columbus Historic District is located along the beautiful Chattahoochee River. It boasts a long and storied history, featuring architecture from many different time periods. An impressive Victorian Mansion stands proudly on the corner, surrounded by antebellum houses, shops of all kinds, modern apartments and an iconic clock tower. The district was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1971 due to its diverse history as a strategic center for trade and travel.

Eagle & Phenix Dam

The Eagle & Phenix Dam is an impressive man-made structure. Built near the end of the nineteenth century, the dam's purpose was to generate the power necessary for a thriving city at it provided hydroelectric power to the Eagle & Phoenix Cotton Mills. The skillfully constructed dam not only served as a great source of energy, but also played an aesthetically pleasing part in its scenic environment and formed reservoirs that added to its beauty.

Flat Rock Park

Flat Rock Park is a small natural preserve Spanning 110 acres, this historic park features stunning creekside trails that meander along lush foliage and result in beautiful sights of native wildlife. Moreover, visitors to the park can take full advantage of the available amenities including three picnic shelters, an aviary and an amphitheatre. With its close proximity to Columbus at only two miles away and its quiet atmosphere, Flat Rock Park promotes an ideal environment.

Fletcher Avenue

Fletcher Avenue

Outdoors- Other

Fletcher Avenue, is a beautiful road lined with large oak trees and lush shrubbery. The avenue is home to a number of colonial style homes that have been carefully restored over the years, giving it a charming and timeless appeal. On Fletcher Avenue one can find small vintage stores, antique shops, and an old-fashioned barber shop. During the summer months there are often small festivals taking place along Fletcher Avenue.

Ft. Benning

Ft. Benning

Man-made Structures- Other


Fort Benning, is one of the largest U.S. Army bases in the world. Established in 1918 and named after Brigadier General Henry Benning, it is home to more than 120,000 active-duty military personnel. It covers an area of almost 118,000 acres and offers a wide array of training facilities for both basic and advanced life-skills. The base also plays host to a variety of research laboratories that develop more efficient weapons systems as well as improve specialized equipment.

Heritage Park

Heritage Park

Outdoors- Other

This area is steeped in history, and the heritage here is something to behold. From ancient native burial grounds, to old plantation sites, visitors can admire a wide variety of artifacts that speak to the past. The park has trails, playgrounds and picnic spots so that people can come and enjoy a relaxing day outdoors. There are also tours available where trained guides can share stories about the history of the area and help visitors gain deeper insight into its cultural significance.

Historic Westville

Historic Westville is a small, rural community located approximately 10 miles northwest of the Columbus city limits, this vibrant community has been around since 1819, when James Mays built his log cabin on the spot. It was originally founded as a trading post and became known mainly for its rich farming soil; in fact, many of the roads are still lined with cotton fields that have been farmed for generations. It is also a charming mix of old and new.

Lake Heath

Lake Heath

Lake/ River/ Ponds

Lake Heath is a beautiful, serene 75-acre lake located just outside of Columbus. It sits majestic among its surrounding tree-covered hills and is perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities like swimming, fishing, canoeing and kayaking. Lovers of nature come to the lake for long walks and peaceful moments spent bird watching or picnicking under old-growth trees beside it. With its shallow depths, Lake Heath is the perfect spot for a cool summer dip or simply admiring its sandy white shoreline.

Ma Rainey House

Ma Rainey House

Iconic Buildings

Old Ruins

Ma Rainey House is a must-see for those interested in exploring African-American culture. While it's true that the house wasn't originally built by the legendary blues singer Gertrude "Ma" Rainey, it was definitely where she lived in the early 1920s and wrote some of her biggest hits. The small home preserves original period furnishings and personal items like vinyl records, clothes and photographs that provide insight into the life of one of America's first giant blues stars - Ma Rainey.

National Civil War Naval Museum

The National Civil War Naval Museum is a must-visit for any history buff! Containing the world's largest collection of Confederate naval artifacts, as well as dozens of interactive exhibits, this museum pays tribute to the brave sailors and vessels that sailed for the cause during the Civil War. It also recounts stories from both Union and Confederate perspectives, helping visitors to gain a comprehensive understanding of this critical moment in American history.

North Highlands Dam

The North Highlands Dam, is a significant part of the region's landscape. Constructed in 1903 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this impressive stone dam rises 40 feet above Macon Creek and provides power to the surrounding areas. Not only does it produce electricity, but it also acts as an iconic representation of industry in the South with its unique architecture and design.

Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center

Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center offers a unique opportunity for locals to get up close and personal with region's natural surroundings. Visitors are encouraged to explore the center's Live Animal Room, Butterfly Garden, Native Plant Trail and Butterfly House. They can also observe sea turtles through its Turtle Cam, join hands-on activities like live animal shows and storytelling, or research programs from its community outreach department.

The Columbus Museum

The Columbus Museum is a treasure trove of regional culture and history. Founded in 1953, It is home to many fine pieces of art both from the past and the present. Through its permanent collections, rotating exhibits and interactive displays, visitors can get a unique look at this vibrant area. Not only is the museum an excellent source of information about local sites, events and organizations, but it also offers diverse educational experiences for children and adults alike.

The National Infantry Museum

This Museum tells the story of the American soldier, beginning with the Revolutionary War up until today's active duty army. Exhibits include an interactive I-Experience theater and an indoor "infantry street" modeled after a French village with realistic sound effects and smell emission. It also features collections of weapons, medals, and uniforms used as well as a Hall of Valor featuring displays and information regarding soldiers who were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Woodruff Riverfront Park

Woodruff Riverfront Park is a local gem full of activities and sights for everyone to enjoy. Visitors to the park can wander its 400 acres of land with trails criss-crossing the park, offering a bit of nature and adventure. The trails are lined with trees offering relief from the Georgia sun. There are plenty of spots for lounging or picnicking, as well as play areas for children so families can have a fun day together.

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