2 Man-made Structures- Other to Explore in Meriwether County

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Meriwether County

Meriwether County, located in west-central Georgia, is a beautiful part of the Peach State. Incorporated in 1827, Meriwether County boasts a long and rich history that remains evident today. The 486 square miles of Meriwether are filled with rolling hills, farmland and charming small towns. From hiking trails through rural landscapes to lakeside recreation, there is plenty to explore in Meriwether County. Headed by a five-member board of commissioners, the area also offers its residents county s

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Man-made Structures- Other to Explore in Meriwether County

Roosevelt Historic Pools & Warm Springs

This is a historic attraction in the area. Dating back to the 1920s, the springs were originally developed by former President Franklin D. Roosevelt as a curative for his polio-stricken legs. Offering scenic views of pine trees and manicured lawns, visitors can enjoy peaceful walks around the pools and soak in the therapeutic mineral waters. Along with being designated an historic site, the pools have recently undergone large-scale renovations to ensure its continued preservation.

Warm Springs National Fish Hatchery Aquarium And Visitor Contact Station

Warm Springs National Fish Hatchery is a refuge for fish species, aquatic life, and migratory birds. It is operated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as part of their conservation efforts during the summer months. Located on a beautiful 623-acre lake where visitors can enjoy fishing and boating activities, the hatchery works to sustain healthy populations of several types of fish such as black bass and bream through state-of-the-art breeding techniques.

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